Wednesday, February 03, 2016


I´ve always been a person that eats to little. Don´t know why but I simply forget to eat so the times when I´ve been good and eating properly and keeping track on what I eat and how much is also the times when I´ve lost a lot of weight, been happier, have had more energy and so on.

The last months I´ve lost a lot of hair, been extremely tired and slowly gained weight and its all been due to me not eating.

Todays breakfast!

Todays lunch! Low fat cheese omelette and cherry tomatoes

So since one week now I have an app that tracks everything I eat, everything I exercise and so on and already in one week my energy is higher, I am not tired anymore, I´ve lost some weight and I feel so much better.

So I just need to realize that I am a person that always need to write down my food intake and so on cause otherwise I don't eat.

Some people over eat and some are like me, eat to little. Either way is not healthy so if you have the same problem I recommend you to also keep track of what you eat, how much you exercise and how much water you drink etc.

The app I use is called LIFESUM

Love and light,

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

i have an eating disorder and for many years i've been using food as comfort... sadly, it's never easy to get rid of the way we eat - or not. you're in my thoughts and prayers.