Thursday, January 14, 2016


Yesterday evening I did cardio and 45 minutes of cross trainer. The day before that I did a massive workout with lots of lifts and my body was SO painful yesterday. And then its hard to go to the gym but I also know that doing some exercising then make the circulation increase in the muscles and today I actually feel MUCH better. So my advice is to go and do some cardio even these days after a heavy lifting session. 

The top is and old one from H&M and the sports top underneath in leo is also old and from NEW YORKER

Had my hair up with hair pins and tomorrow I´m finally going to the hair dresser after half a year without a hair cut,hehe=) Maybe short? hmmm…=)

Collar is from NOA NOA, ear rings from H&M, jeans from DSQUARED2

Gave myself a treat at JOE & THE JUICE with loads of vitamins in a ginger shot, a green juice with spinach, apple and pineapple and a gluten free toast with tuna and avocado


Alicia Sanz said...

wow girl! you are an inspiration!
it will be nice to see a post of your skincare routine too :D
Yo have such a nice skin , always glowy!

Anette Olzon said...

Alicia; haha, do you know that I don't have any routine and almost never take care of my skin=) Guess damn good genes are to thank for it=) hugs!

Rudson Maia said...

You are beautiful anyway,but short hair is perfect..Following your page from your angelical voice. :)

Rudson Maia said...
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Rudson Maia said...
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