Friday, September 27, 2013

6 months ago...

...a precious little baby named Mio Johan Willow was born and entered our family. A precious little one who has been a sunlight and always happy and smiling little boy since day one;=)

Today we celebrate his first 6 months and I can´t believe how fast time flies! Soon he´ll be walking, running and talking like my two other boys so I really cherish this baby-period and having him next to me in bed every night, kissing his little feet, getting that "I love you mum"-look when he looks at me and I feel so blessed to have my little MIO in my life;=)

Hip hip hurray sweetest Mio on your 6 months day! I love you to the moon and back;=)


Gitte said...

Happy 6 month!

Jade Dawn Parker said...

Lovely Mio,

a BIG hurray to you and lots of love and blessings to your 6. month day!

With love,

Anonymous said...

6 months? time goes too fast :) feels like it was yesterday! happy half-birthday for Mio and you, Anette! :)

Sareena Angel said...

Happy birthday to that sweet thingie :)
He looks so cute!!

Wish you TONS OF HAPPINESS Nettie!!


Infernal Hunter said...

Happy Birthday, dear Mio! Anette, kiss him for me. :*

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th month day Mio! :-)

Hip hip hurray for Mio! :-)

Ricardo Kempff said...

Big guy subdued by little human. Awwwwww.... Cinegrats to the happy family.

Ruda Hexe said...

Congratulations for you and Mio!
Good health and happy life for you little son.
A lot of energy and strenght for his parents=)

Love, kisses and hugs,

Alina V said...

Yes, time flies very fast!
Happy 6 months! Lots of happiness and health to you family!

eskoplja said...

Happy 6 months little one :)
Time flies so fast. Kiss him for me :)

Ena :*

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

And congratulations to Mio, great he is there :). Yes, you are right it´s incredible how time flies - I remember the day of his birth, I was busy in town so I couldn´t check your blog until afternoon or so. But my thoughts were with you all the day and I was so excited! I remember that as if it was yesterday. Yes, and then, after Instagram (which I forgot to read on that day) the anounce came on your blog and I was so happy that everything went well and that we did at last know the gender and name :).

I thank you Anette, that you shared this great thing with us and let us have part of the happiness. Thank you so much for being here! :)

Take good care of yourself now please and have a nice evening :)


Radoslava Jezova said...

Happy B-day little Mio, kiss him for me Anette :-) you´re very blessed mum :-)

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Happy 6 months little Mio. :-* <3

Nalon said...

Hello Mio,
Happy 6 Month on this earth. You has select a great Family:).

Enjoy your Life with them:)


Anonymous said...

Hip hurra! happy birhtday to mio ^^

Rivka G said...

Aw happy 6 months
Have an awesome day

Karin said...

You are blessed Anette , with all your lovely boys. And little Mio, this sweet little boy, with a lovely name, is so blessed too. To be in this great family, with such a great mother, father and brothers :)
Big hug to you all !

Betty Blue said...

6 months already? Time flies!
Happy 6 months, Mio!

The One Who Should Die said...

6 months!? It feels like it was yesterday that he was born...
Happy 6 months to Mio! :)

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
So more really wonderful words !
He's a so Lucky boy !
Happy 6months Mio !

Marianne Dumaray said...

Happy six months :D