Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So, I have such a craving for starting to run and exercise my dear cross fit and tabata now, but I know I need to take it easy and build up my stomach muscles so today I did this nice exercise routine from the book I got from Olga Rönnberg, who has written this book about exercising after pregnancy.

It felt good and I am happy to have such good stomach muscles since before the pregnancy but I still feel that they are loose and need to come back in shape;=) And one thing I have used since day 3 after my c-section to help my stomach get back into its old shape is this "girdle" specifically made for after birth bellies. Good stuff and I can recommend it! And as you all know, a strong stomach is the key for a singer;=)

Here´s the stuff I did today with Nemo happily cheering beside me.


iines said...

Well, you don´t even look you have such a small baby! So slim!

I tried Tabata and it´s a killer workout, very hard. I can´t make it, because I have a health issues, so that´s not for me :(

Eva Richie said...

Nettie, if we have this book,I'm ready to be pregnant)) haha)) just a pity that this book is not in English ((

Jade Dawn Parker said...

Hello dear Anette!

I hope you are fine. :)
Sounds like hard work.. I wish I could be more patient with workouts LOL
Anyway, I wish you and your family and lovely day^.^

Kind regards,

Ciocia Wiesia said...


Ciocia Wiesia said...


John Casdia said...

You don't look like you have a belly at all. You are looking great. I personally use something called a flex belt, it sends a small electro shock to the abdominal muscles forcing them to contract for a few seconds then relax. I wear it 30 minutes for 5 days per week, and it feels like you've done 100s of situps. I can't do much of a workout because I have arthritis and its a good way to shapen the muscles without injuring yourself.