Monday, February 25, 2013

Lovely day

Hi all and a very good evening to you;=)

Today has been such a wonderful day! Spring is coming and when I walked to my mid-wife for my check-up this morning the birds sang that typical "spring song" and from the roofs, the ice were melting. 

Here´s a view over a big cemetery in the south parts of our city:

it´s fun being pregnant in the way that my mind still believe it is "not pregant" when it comes to how I walk. I am an energetic person and always walk fast so yeah, I always start in a fast pace. Then after some hundred meters my stomach tightens, I get a big contraction, I feel my heart rate go up, I feel I want to throw up and then I remember: Anette, you are 36 weeks pregnant, you have a big heavy belly! You need to walk slower! 
And yeah, I did that the rest of the day;=) 

 Coming to my mid-wife, I always sit down and relax and drink some water and watch TV before she is ready. A good way to get the blood pressure down again;=)

And yeah, I am so pregnant now that high heels are exchanged for sneakers;=) A blessing!

 Happy expecting mother who just realized that in 4 weeks it´s time to get a little baby out;=) 

Beautiful flowers on the table gives a cosy atmosphere

And if you have kids with you they can play here while you get your check up.

My values were really good and even my blood value were higher today. Thanks to all the broccoli and  liver paté I´ve eaten since last time. My belly measures 35 cm now and the baby is still sitting up under my right boob. Yeah, exactly as Nemo;=) Doesn´t wanna go down to the exit, oh no;=)

 After the check up I took a long walk and some nice photos for you. Love the grass they have in the big city park. So nice blowing in the wind.

Sun slowly coming through and later on it was up!

The Fairytale tree again!

 Grass again;=)

And when I came to the city I met my BFF and we had the whole afternoon together, strolling the stores, chit-chatting and she found some nice clothes. I love being the "helper" and seeing my friends get nice clothes=)

I didn´t buy anything for me, but found this cute little body for the baby and you know I love stars, so a good choice!

I have really tried to NOT fall into the Fifty shades of grey thing, since I normally hate these kind of books. Chick lit books and girlie books. But now I´ve been recommended these books from my sister and since she is the same as me, I need to give them a try at least. And I need something to do in the evenings when the TV is showing boring stuff and I am bored;=)

I´ll let you know what I think when I have read it;=) Has any of you read them?


Océane said...

Oh dear how happy I am to read youre day was perfect!! :)
And it does look like a great day!! Your midwife place seems to be such a cosy place, kind of "home feeling". If you havent wrote it was there we could have believe it was your living room! :) nice to have places like that while pregnant, hein?
And the shopping afternoon? Just great! Cant wait to go shopping and buy everything...i can afford! Ahah!

About the book, I havent read it but everybody keep talking about it. Its like every woman bought it, i think thats why i dont want to read it! Ahah! But maybe its a great one?! Please tell us what you think!
My favourite author is Guillaume Musso. Yeah he's french but his books are translated and I can recommend them to you! :)

So now that I clean all the appartment yesterday and today my car and my room, Im ready to welcome my dear cousin, who arrive tonight at midnight at the airport. Quite late when I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow morning... But i dont care! So happy to see her again! :)

Please have a great evening!
Love and Hugs

Betty Blue said...

Good evening!
I´ve started to read Fifty Shades of Grey... Didn´t like it. You know, I just didn´t find any real plot. It was just sex and a bit of pseudo-mystery. And seriously, if I want porn, I know better ones ^^ But hey, guess there´s people who like Fifty Shades...
Once again, beautiful pictures! And so good to know that everything´s alright with the baby <3
I wish I would feel able to go out since here the snow is melting away once again and I would love to get some fresh air, but I´m having the flu really bad and yesterday and today it was even too much to walk up and down our stairs more than three or four times to get something to eat *sigh* I hate being ill.
But you, have a great evening with your family!
Love, Betty

Anette Olzon Gallery said...

Hello dear. Beautiful pictures.
Glad to know that all is well with you and your baby =)
Oh i hate this book!
and 199 euros? I would not pay that amount for this. hahaha
I miss reading books other than school books. I'm so busy with studies, and well, it's so tiring.
I love books about dark tales =)
Good night to you and your family.
See you tomorrow ♥


Philippa said...

Hej Anette! Glad to hear you had a good day. I already commented on your picture on Instagram, but once again I'll say: that babygrow is really cute. Love the stars :)

And I've tried reading the first book of the Fifty Shades trilogy, but I absolutely hated it and couldn't finish it. But then again, I used to study English literature so I'm very critical when it comes to books. So maybe I'm not very objective, and I think that everyone needs to decide for themselves which books they like and dislike. So I'm curious to hear your thoughts on it!

Enjoy the rest of your evening! xx

eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie, good evening I hope you are well.
I've been really filled with studying these days...lots of tests!
But it will be over soon...
Thanks for sharing the pics, you look absolutly lovely, and I can see the glow in your eyes :)
And I have heard about the book, but I haven't read it.
Sooooooo, I wish you a nice evening, good night and sweet dreams! I am geting back on my Chemistry

Ena :*

Mél (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette,
Woow what a day!
I'm glad that everything goes well for you and the baby! Now it'll just take care of yourself and wait until it arrived :)
Your pictures are great! I love :)
I hope you enjoy reading, as this kind of book you do not tempt me too little but êtrre love you, sometimes its just suprendre :)
Good evening Anette, rest well and get a good night :)
My greetings to Johan and children.
So many Hugs&kisses for you and you're Dears :)

Wérleson Alexandre said...

Beautiful pics!

About books, Fifty Shades of Gray, some people tell me that's good, but I don't dare to read a kind of book like this due to my age. If I can recomend you a perfect book, I think you should try to read "Hold Tight" from Harlan Coben or "The Left Hand of God" from Paul Hoffman, these are very very very good books!

Pumpkin said...

That other comment was by me, I forgot to sign in! sorry haha

Debs Nisbit said...

If I mention someone in a blog I feel it's polite to let them see what I've wrote..

and I found this in my drafts..maybe you could share it and hopefully it'll help someone.

shay said...

Hi anette...
Beautiful photos....i love nature...i lived in oregon for 5 yrs....and was so green and clean and quite lovely.... vegas is not like that
At ur baby will be here very glad everything is goin good...i still
Wonder how close to my birthday (march 30) ur baby will be.....about Fifty Shades of Gray.
Well funny thing also my sister recommended to them to me and gave me all 3 books to me..a month ago....i still haven't read yet..but time is right i will....lemme know what u think..... have a great evening girl....

Dark Queen said...

Good evening Anette :)
Oh, I can't wait to know your little one :) I want to know if the baby is a girl or a boy! But luckily soon we will know the little one :)
I'm glad to see that you're sooo happy. That's a great thing!
I read all the books of Fifty shades and I liked them a lot. I think that the best one is the last one ;) Let me know what you think about them.
Good night. Sleep really well ♥

Anette Olzon said...

Debs: Dear Debs, you got me totally tonight and I started crying. I had to read your blog post for Johan and I really wanna thank you, Debs, for sharing that blog post with me. I also feel relationships are the hardest things in life, in so many ways. And to understand why people hurt you and just walk by and step on you, even when you need them and have been there for them so many times. Well, believe me, I understand your emotional hell.
So if I have in any way given you some light in that dark tunnel, I really feel so touched and humble for that. And you know, sending me "Look who´s laughing now" was truly so nice of you and it is played every day here now and the lyrics are just perfect for me;=) So THANKS Debs and keep on holding your head and spirit up! You are better than them all! ;=) Lots of hugs and love to you! And hey, let´s put the lyrics here, since they are just so good:

Mummy, they called me names, they wouldn't let me play,
I run home, sit & cry almost every day,
"Hey Jessica, you look like an alien,
With green skin, you don't fit in this playpen"
Oh they pulled my hair, they took away my chair,
I keep it in and pretend that I didn't care
"Hey Jessica, you're so funny,
You've got teeth just like Bugs Bunny"

Oh, so you think you know me now?
Have you forgotten how you would make me feel when you dragged my spirit down?
But thank you for the pain,
It made me raise my game,
And I'm still rising, I'm still rising!

(Yeah! )

So make your jokes,
Go for broke,
Blow your smoke,
You're not alone,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

So raise the bar,
Hit me hard,
Play your cards,
Be a star,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

'Cos I'm in LA
You think I've made my fame,
If it makes us friends,
When you only really know my name,
"Oh Jessie, we knew you could make it,
I've got a track & I'd love for you to take it"
So, now because I'm signed,
You think my pocket's lined,
4 years down & I'm still waiting in the line,
"Oh Jessie, I saw you on YouTube,
I tagged old photos from when we was at school!"

Oh, so you think you know me now?
Have you forgotten how you would make me feel when you dragged my spirit down?
But thank you for the pain,
It made me raise my game,
And I'm still rising, I'm still rising!

(Yeah! )

So make your jokes,
Go for broke,
Blow your smoke,
You're not alone,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

So raise the bar,
Hit me hard,
Play your cards,
Be a star,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

She broke out of the box!
Swallowed your pride, you got that ego cough
Let the haters hate!
You're like way too late!
I look to see I got a message from you
"HOLA! I'm proud of you!"
"Oh my god babe, your voice is like wow"

Oh, so you think you know me now?
Have you forgotten how you would make me feel when you dragged my spirit down?
But thank you for the pain,
It made me raise my game,
And I'm still rising, I'm still rising!

(Yeah! )

So make your jokes,
Go for broke,
Blow your smoke,
You're not alone,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

So raise the bar,
Hit me hard,
Play your cards,
Be a star,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

So make your jokes,
Go for broke,
Blow your smoke,
You're not alone,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?


So raise the bar,
Hit me hard,
Play your cards,
Be a star,
But who's laughing now?
But who's laughing now?

Dalma Tálas said...

No, I haven't read it. I don't like reading novels. But this book is advertised everywhere here. All the time when I go by metro I see its cover and can't stand staring it until I get off.

I noticed that you always have a lazy day when I have a hard one and vica versa. Today was a hard day for me with getting up at six, having 11 lessons, finishing at seven and arriving home at nine. And I had to send the protocol of today's experiment to my teacher until midnight. And tomorrow we have a little test, too. Every Monday is like this, I hate it.

If once I asked you if I should go to engineering university, say no or just kill me. :D

Have a good night,

ArenaSkies said...

Stay away from that book! I can't believe some women are fantasizing about that. Disturbing. But, hey, if you like it... nothing I can do. Just try not to take it so seriously. Usually I know some girls that have read Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray, now they have this weird expectations from men. They should not expect books like these to depict real life, but I think you already know that :)

Tanya Yazykova said...

Hi, Anette!
Very cool photos and news, that all okey with baby and you=) Here, in Moscow, is also sunny weather! Spring, I waiting for your coming! It so good that you are still energetic person=) Do you prefer some freezy spring wind? I prefer=) Anette, these days I were so happy. On Sunday I had been at my brothers Birthday and was shocked about that he give to me some flowers:3 I love him! Also that day he taught me to play guitar! Sunday was so wonderful, that I wanted to write you about it=)
With Love and Lovely Greetings!

XxBriannaxX said...

Good to hear things are going good with the baby and all,I love the pictures you took,they are very beautiful,especially the one of you. ;-) Hehehe those books are very dirty,I read the fifty shades of gray one and it was.. just wow! haha ;-) I had to read parts of it to my girlfriend and we were both just giggling like crazy. hehe! Love and hugs! ♥

linnea-maria said...

Åh bara 4 veckor kvar! I det stadiet var jag som en stor boll, härligt att du fortfarande känner att du kan gå snabbt (även om magen säger ifrån). Jag brukar dock öppna skåpdörrar och upptäcka att magen tar emot.

Jag har bara hört talas om dessa böcker och de ska visst innehålla sexuellt tvång så jag avstår. Men om de inte gör det och de är bra så blir jag glad om du berättar om de är bra eller inte :)

PS, du har väl packat väskan? Min yngste kom 5 veckor för tidigt så där plupp bara.

Nika. said...

I've read all 3 books from this series and they are written in an easy way that draws you to reading. But I didn't really like them that much, because they didn't have any good,solid story and I also didn't like some of the concepts, especially in the first book. But they're very popular, probably because it's a light read. :)
Have a nice day!

Laura said...

this book is wasted money.. :/ hugs to you

Laetitia L said...

Hi Nettie !
Your mid-wife's waiting room is so nice !! It seems that it's not from planet Earth ! Sweden really is another world >.<
Have a good day and peaceful pregnancy final month. Love you :3

Beatrix said...

Glad to see you are fine and the pregnancy goes well.

Today we have a bit of sunshine and bird singing too. I feel so much more energetic already! :)

I want to share this anti-bullying music video with you, because I find it inspiring:

Laetitia L said...

Oh, and I've not read 50 Shades (and frankly, don't really want to, let us know what you think when finished) but if you're looking for a cool easy-reading but well-written story I can recommend you "Hunger Games" :)

Poli said...

oh no, don't read it it will eat your brain! but reriously it's really poorly written, no plot, sex is just boring if you are forced to read about it on every page - and it's always the same- and Ana has schizophrenia and that even more ennoying echolalia.
after all it's Twilight fanfic so i didn't have high expectations.
i found this lovely site and i like reading it much more than a book:

they sum up every chapter of the book and show how ridiculous it is.

Debs Nisbit said...

Sorry I've not replied sooner. I have days where I just don't want to face people not even my own family...and just shut off from the world before it gets too much and my head feels like it would explode..
i know i need to heal and it hurts. i don't think i could love and trust someone as much as my, was, sister anytime soon. i realized i don't need these sods ("a drain on one's resources") in my life...she had briefly unblocked me on facebook, i sent her the link and i told her exactly what i thought of her. i'm not afraid to say what i think about someone to their faces.
after suffering from mental health problems for most of my life, i've learned that when you see a spark of light to focus on it and keep running to it no matter what. now that i can no longer go to church, because i'm a lesbian and the church of england does not accept lesbians, this is more important for me to do.
but calling me "dear Debs", i know it's a Swedish thing to do but still, is so sweet and touching.