Monday, November 23, 2015

Hey my Winterland

So, another day with lots of snow and Cold! Minus 13 degrees so I wonder if I live in Lapland or south of Sweden?

Well, thankfully they have said it will melt away tomorrow or so and for me, this was enough of winter- now we can move on to spring=)

Kids love it though and that´s great!

Mio in his winter suit from H&M (old one) and winter shoes from KAVAT (also old, great to have older siblings to inherit from), beanie POLARN & PYRET

My pink UGGS are essential when its cold! 


Unknown said...

Hey Anette :D

Woah, it is sooo cold in your place! I am not a great fan of winter and snow too! But, as every year, we have to go through it ;)

I try to find something nice about winter. So, for example I like to wear high boots, warm and cute beanies and big scarfs haha :P
And as you said, kids love it. It is just amazing to see how children can enjoy almost every weather. I remember when I was small and it was winter, I was sitting in front of the window and waiting for snow. When it started snowing finally I felt like " Wow, thats so cool! It totally worked that I was waiting and waiting in front of the window!" haha

Enjoy your day :D


Arianna said...

Hi Anette,
i totally undestand you. I can't wait for a next spring and summer.