Sunday, August 23, 2015

A visit at my favorite boutique in Helsingborg

There is nothing better for me than when you find a boutique that has super stylish clothes, great interior AND a fab and amazing owner that can style you from top to toe so that before you leave the store, you have bought items that are not only special but works together in kits. 

What is better than knowing that when you wake up for work, its just to open the closet and get a ready outfit on that will make you look the best YOU, make you feel COMFORTABLE and make you feel SPECIAL?

All these things is what I feel when I have been shopping at STUDIO STILISTA in RÅÅ, which is a part of Helsingborg that is so cosy and to drive to the store make me feel calm.

Jenny, who owns the place, is so cool and hip and since here in Helsingborg the stores we have, are all quite colorless and if I may say so: a bit boring, Jenny is the one to make the cities fashionistas happy and to stand out and look different than the other ones walking the streets.

The brands are both more expensive ones mixed with a bit less pricy which make you able to get a nice outfit to a good price even if you find something a bit more pricy. 

Brand like BY MALENE BIRGER, RIKA, ZOE KARSSEN, VINCENT GAUTHIER, HUDSON JEANS and more are hanging so that you already when walking in to the boutique can find a whole outfit you want to wear. 

Shoes, scarfs, jackets, pants, jeans, jewellery and even interior items such as pillows and lamps are mixed in a super nice way. 

Jenny has two instagram accounts and her biggest one has over 50 000 followers who love her interior taste and clothing taste so take a look at it and follow her today- and for her store:

If you find something you like Jenny can send items to other countries too so just send her a message.

I really want to write about this amazing boutique cause I think we NEED this here in my city and I hope more people in my city will find it and get a look that not everyone else has here=)


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