Saturday, November 22, 2014

Todays music is BATTLE BEAST=)

Well, hello there!

Todays music have to be the new song from BATTLE BEAST. I must say this sounds really good and I love the ABBA vibe mixed with some "stealing" from Sabaton=) 

And she sings great too! Good job, looking forward to the album, guys and girl!


Anonymous said...

Well, hello there my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Battle Beast on a Saturday morning :-) I say! :-O

Oh, you're such a hip person Anette! :-) You know all these modern European rock bands and I don't know any of them. I must sound like an old fuddy duddy! :-)

Well, thank you for introducing me to the wonder of Battle Beast! :-O

Groovy baby! :-D

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh, that´s really a great song, let´s see how the album will be – unforunately we have to wait until 2015 for it. But I find it super cool that you obviously listen to Sabaton, because they are one of my absolute favourite metal bands :). I hope you liked their new album „Heroes“ which came out this year and if you haven´t listened to it already I recommend you to do so – for me, it´s their best album so far. And I also think that when you start again with acapella songs, the songs of Sabaton would sound perfect with your voice :).