Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Suomi - I´m coming to play for you next year!=)


César said...

Good morning Anette!!

All ready now for Thursday!! :D Can't wait!!


Lots of hugs ^^

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Before I write on that, it seems that you didn´t get my comment from yesterday... it could be that my internet made some trouble, happens from time to time but on that occasion it´s a real pity since my comment yesterday had some words which I hoped would help you cheering up a bit. Luckily I saved the comment and I think that maybe my words can help still help you a bit, so I hope you don´t mind when I put it up here again. I just was kind of worried about you and therefore I´d like to share my thoughts, so this is my comment from yesterday:

Hi Anette!

This news is a really sad one :(. So that´s why I want to share my thoughts about it and tell you that I´m terribly sorry to hear from that and that you have to live with this situation and fear at the moment. What I can say is that I will go to church tomorrow and pray for this person. I hope it will help and that knowing this helps also you to cheer up a bit again. I´m with you and your loved person in my thoughts and send lots of positive energy and strength. I remember you already posting about something like that weeks ago on your instagram. There I also went to church then and prayed and lit candles and I promise to do the same tomorrow. I, as you do as you often said, believe in god and I´m sure that he hears us and when I can do something to help, even if it´s only that, I do so. And it´s so great that you got already a positive message, so maybe that´s a first greet of a good and positive fate. As I said, I´m there with my thoughts, I promise it and wish you and this person all of strength!

The pictures from yesterday are really beautiful and funny, thanks for sharing :). And see, you look so happy there and even if it´s a bad and hard time at the moment, I´m sure the time will come where you can completely feel like that again.

All strength and power from the world to you and lots of love also back to you! Stay strong!

Pascal said...

So, that was it. And I was in church this afternoon, lit candles and prayed for this person and for you and I think we just have to believe that god hears us. I remember an instagram post from you not so lang ago that said something like "If god brings you to it, he will bring you through it" and that´s what can give you strength. Don´t stop believing Anette and stay strong! On that occasion I also want to say that I feel sorry for everyone who is affected with the issue of cancer, also those who wrote in here yesterday. I wish you all the best!

And now, well... Finland on February the 20th... sounds really nice :). I hope I can someway, somehow go there, I would appreciate that a lot! But for now, I wish you a great evening and lots of good luck for your exam tomorrow, Anette!

Lots of love and hugs to you :).

Karin said...

I also wrote here yesterday, but apparently my post didn't come through.
Nothing important😊: just wanted to say that I am really really happy to see you in Helsinki next year! The best of news ! I will so be there 😄

Pascal said...

@ Karin: Well, in my case I mixed something up as I saw, because my comment did appear :). Maybe yours will too.

This leeds me to saying sorry Anette for the double posting! And I´m really to hear that you got ill, that´s not nice. Of course it´s a pity that the Spain gigs can´t be realised, but in that case it might be better for you when you aren´t well in health at the moment anyway. I wish you to get well soon and a great start into the weekend tomorrow :).

Lots of hugs and sleep well!

César said...

My dear Anette,

I'm really sorry for what happened with the concerts in Spain :( I still can't believe it myself, I'm still feeling sad about this :'( Unfortunately, I had to go and return the tickets today.

But I still keep my hopes of meeting you in the future, I truly really hope you'll be able to come and play in Madrid, so we can hear your beautiful voice :)
Remember, we love you very much and you're always welcome here, I promise ^^

A BIG big hug from here :)