Monday, April 14, 2014

So what am I up to?

I have busy days and at the moment I am:

- fixing great talented musicians who will play with in my 2 festivals and I can already share with you that my hot and lovely husband will play the bass on stage;=) 

- Rehearsing with Johan and Kalle for two upcoming acoustic gigs here in south of Sweden. More info soon!

- Doing interviews and now I do some for the US, Sweden and more…

- Fixing those technical stuff for the shows such as backing tracks (yes, we all need them due to not having money for a BIG full symphonic orchestra) and choosing songs to play.

- Making some playlists for others. Fun!

- Studying like HELL for my upcoming test in may for Nature science which I need to get into university and nurse school. If music fails I need a great education and I want to help people and maybe even be a midwife in the future=)

- and of course I still take care of my little ones so if I´m not here so much writing its cause I really do not have so much more time during my days. 

But follow my INSTAGRAM and official Facebook too for updates!

Enjoy your Easter week;=) 

And hey, Pain will be playing in Brussels, Belgium this friday, so go check them out!!


Unknown said...

Johan will play the bass on stage with you - great news! I cant wait to see your performances :-)
Have a nice Easter week!

Anonymous said...

Hei Dear !!
Ohhhh yes you're really very busy !!
a BIG GOOD LUCK for you're test and for all others!
Johan who played with you !! Ohhh sooo great !!!

Anonymous said...

You sound sensible and wise Anette :-)

It's very commendable that you are studying for a qualification that will get you into university for nursing school so in case music doesn't work out you'll have something to fall back on :-)

Speaking of which I'm going into hospital tomorrow to have an operation on my left inguinal hernia :-) So I'm not going to be able to walk properly for the next few weeks and I'm going to be in quite a lot of pain for a few months.

I'd let you be my nurse Anette ( oh, the thought of it ) but alas you're in Sweden and you've got a lot on your plate already! :-D

So Anette, I wish you and your family a great easter week! :-) And don't worry about eating too much chocolate my favourite lady Viking as I'm sure you'll burn it off with all that cross-fit exercise you do!

Bye for now! :-)

Carol Misokane said...

Wow, it's been busy days, I can imagine.
I'm too happy that Johan will play with you at the shows, Anneke used to play with her husband and it's a great way to be together and share this special moment =)..I'm very, very happy and anxious.
And oh, I'm praying for you to get in the university. In some years I'll be a doctor and maybe we can work together, caring for people and so on, what you do think? Haha..and remember that music will never fails because even at the hospital we play and sing for the pacients and it helps a lot =). Praying too much.

And now I hope you can finally take a breath and relax, everything's gonna be alright =)!!

Love, Carol

Lord Summerisle said...

Good luck in your studies Annette.

Mandy said...

I saw Pain was playing in Belgium on friday (but in Mons, not in Brussels ;-)). Since I'm from Brussels, I would have come for sure, but I can't go to Mons on that day :'(
Still, I will be there on Sunday to see Therion, Finntroll and Sabaton though :)

You look really busy, but I'm sure it's for the best :-)
Hope you have a great day !

Greetings from Belgium,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

looks like you're quite busy... but i'm sure you will shine on stage! there's no way it could be bad, your album is close to perfect and you have the voice of an angel.... i could only wish you to BREAK A LEG!
kisses & love <3

Hep-Hep Steff said...

i almost forget.... good luck for your studies!!!! i'll cross my fingers for you! :) <3

Pascal said...

Hej Anette!

You are really adorable and sweet :). And it´s understandable that you don´t have that much time for writing here, with lots of other things to do. And I follow both your facebook and instagram continually already :). Your studying is great, I personally can´t imagine you would fail with your music but you are right, it´s always good to have alternatives and this is a great one! About the festival gigs, I sometimes thought like, who would fit better in playing the bass with you on stage than Johan? :). So it´s a good thing he will be with you. I hope that I can be at least at one of those two first gigs, would mean the world for me. If not, be sure that I´ll visit another ones that come up :).

And it would be great also to see Pain live on friday, a pity that I can´t. But please tell Johan from me that I wish them a very nice gig and well, I hope some time I´ll see them too. I´m sure to do so :).

I wish you good luck and fun for everything you do at the moment, like studying, interviews, finding musicians etc. and last but not least the time with your family. and I also wish you a very nice and blessed easter week :).

Kram och ha en bra dag! :)

Unknown said...

Anette ... you can overcome all difficulties and perform wonders, dreams, within an active and happy family life. Help bring a new life into the world should be a beautiful, full time of Divine Grace. Is full of desire to do good and important for people who are around you things the world needs it and that more people can be inspired by you. Kisses and stay with God.

Veronica Lorenzo said...

It is Wonderful you are heading back to college :D My band mates Persuaded me to go back and Now I am Studying Marketing! I wish you the best! :)you are definitely A role model! keep it up Anette :D

Anonymous said...

wow johan is going to play the bass *.* he is the best, now you can dedicate the song watching me from apart to him on stage jeje :P I wish you the best in your test in the university, God bless you =).

Unknown said...

Dear Anette!:) I'm so proud of you :) :) I really like your new album..I listen it all day long :) The songs are amazing! I wish you the bests:)
from Hungary

AlessandraWilderness said...

Nettieee I've been busy and not at home for many days, but I've never forgotten about you and Shine!!! I've bought it not yet, but I'll do it very soon!!! now I'm listening to it on you tube, I've to study hard for a hard exam :S (germanic philology, but i love it so much) with your music in my ears ^^ your voice is making my day, today's very cold in southern Italy...very strange because spring had begun, but now....surprise..!! rain and snow mixed together O_O ... -.-
I continue being happy for you, all these busy days you're spending are really worth!! =)
Lots of kisses my dear!!!!! have a good day!!

linnea-maria said...

Det är alltid bra att ha två ben att stå på ifall det ena går av ;). Själv har jag en gammal ingenjörsexamen som jag nu håller på att omvandla till en lärarexamen i kemi.
Jag hoppas att det går bra med bokningarna och jag hoppas att jag kommer att få möjlighet att se dig spela någon gång. Glad Påsk

Fay said...

Sounds like a busy but great schedule!

About the midwifery thing that is so great! I'm studying midwifery at the moment in Holland. It is such a thankful job and such a wonderful thing to do!

Keep on going!