Friday, April 18, 2014

And here´s my new talented band to back me up this summer;=)

Some talented musicians who will follow me to play my gigs in Finland are now ready to present to you all:

On drums - Patrik Borgkvist -

On bass - My husband Johan Husgafvel -

And keys are soon decided on so stay tuned!

We´ll play at Kivenlahti Festival, Espoo in Finland at 6th of June and in Toranda Open Festival in Torneå, Finland at 5th of July;=)

FUN TIMES AHEAD and I´m so happy to have these talented musicians with me (and from Helsingborg all of them=)


Hep-Hep Steff said...

i will say the same things than on fb... sorry but i couldn't resist!
"And keys are soon decided on so stay tuned!" did you wrote this on purpose, or no pun intended? you gave me a big laugh, it's better to stay tuned with the keys, lol

it seems you will have a good team! and i'm sure the concerts will be great... fingers crossed for you, and break a leg!
kisses & love for you and your family <3

Anonymous said...

Happy good Friday Anette! :-)

Mikey Nilsson. That name really rings a bell. I'm sure I've heard of his name from somewhere before :-/

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,

congrats that you now have your own band joining you on tour, that's so great! :-)
And it must be so cool for you to be on stage with your husband. :-)

I wish you so much fun and good luck for the festivals.
Lots of love,

IsaWolfheart said...

Hi my dear, This is the real Johan here ? because there is 2 facebook ? and here this is you ?

thanks dear

Logan said...

happy to see u putting up a really nice band to keep u on the road :)

fstorm said...

Glad to hear you got a band together. Can't wait to see some live footage soon. By the way, I'd recommend removing the Facebook profile links. Best to keep that stuff private so people won't disturb you all!

Unknown said...

Anette ... great news! I'm waiting seualbum and now her shows. Kisses and good essays.

Pascal said...


I have the translation of my review now I mentioned yesterday and will send it to you in my next comment. It´s maybe not a word for word translation since that´s not easy but it´s about the same I said in german and I hope you´ll enjoy reading :). I decided not to focus so much on Nightwish at this review, I think you have read that so many times and so I only mention them shortly, I hope that´s ok with you. Have fun reading it and enjoy your evening! Great to see you having a beautiful day at your mum´s place :).

Pascal said...

And here it is: „Shine“, first solo album from Anette Olzon was released this year on march 28th. After the work with Nightwish it was, concerning music, calm for a time around the singer, but this year she delivered an album which is a true delight for the listener´s ears.

On ten songs Anette is offering a mixture from pop- and rock elements, and so songs like „Falling“ or the title track „Shine“ are marked by strong use of guitars, meanwhile „Invincible“ or „Moving away“ for example are soft ballads. So, variety is provided and Anette manages to give both directions a special touch with her voice and great vocal performances. Also the feelings, which are to find in the music vary with the songs and you can comprehend them anytime. With the already mentioned „Moving Away“ there is a certain melancholy, meanwhile „Floating“ in contrast comes up playfully (in a positive sense!) and happily and brings literally a good mood with it, due to quick tempo, singing in top form and catchy melodies. The latter are also as less rare as outstanding refrains which mark every song and stay in one´s ears fast.

Favorites aren´t easy to find on this album, since really every song is absolutely fantastic. In any case, I like „Hear me“ especially, which starts very calmly but then explodes and contains strong guitars, great singing and a very catchy refrain. What also really amazes me is „One Million Faces“: It´s presented very emotionally from Anette Olzon, the refrain is a real earworm again and the music is calm, but in the background you can hear an electric guitar again and again. Also a very special song, which fits to every song on the album nevertheless.

Conclusion: This album offers brilliant music which contains something for both softer tastes and those who prefer a more rocky way. I´ve been waiting really long for this album and it delighted and touched me, due to that I don´t think it´s exaggerated to give the highest rating for it. Anette Olzon´s first solo album, „Shine“, is a special piece of music and from my sight a fully suceeded album.

Rating: 5/5

Tips to listen (the whole album :) ) but here a few examples:

One Million Faces
Hear me

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie and Happy Easter to you and your family =).
I'm very happy and pround that you'll have these talented guys playing with you. I just know Johan but I'm pretty sure you've chosen the best ones and they're all from your home so it makes things better and easier =).

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday with lots of chocolate and peace.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Johan is really a hot one ;). I think it's just so cute and nice that he will join you on the gigs. Now you will for sure have someone around you that you like... good vibes :).
I hope that you will get on a bigger tour, since I'm hanging around here in Germany and don't have the money and time to fly to Finland :D. But hopefully there will be youtube clips.
I saw Tarja in October in Pratteln / Switzerland, which is very near to me, so since you're on the same label, I hope you'll come here too :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette, it´s me again, sorry this comes a bit late, but CONGRATS to you and Johan for being together six years :). That was a really sweet post from yesterday on instagram and I wish you both all the best for the future, a future with lots of love, joy and happiness together!

I would have commented in instagram, but you know, I don´t have it so I decided to write here about :). And your gig on saturday is great news also! It would be so nice if I could be there then.

Enjoy this day and lots of hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Please, don't forget of us! :C
I always interested to read your blog, so... I can die happy if you reply this comment. c:

subwaytosally18642 said...

Good news! Hope you come to Germany soon, it's been so long the Nightwish and I would so love to see you again :)

Pascal said...

Anette, I´m not sure if you´re already on your way, so maybe you read this after your gig, but I wanted to say:

ALL THE BEST is what I wish you for your gig in Malmö today!! :). I dream of being there, but unfortunately I can´t :/. But another time for sure... for today I wish you lots of fun and I have no doubt that you will do very well :).

Take good care and lots of love to you!