Friday, April 18, 2014


To all you bunnies and eggs out there,=)

May you have a wonderful time and lots of EGGS to eat!


Robermifernes said...

So long since my last message :)
First of all, thanks for like on my instagram pic:
it was such a nice thing to see that you liked it!

it would be great if I got a chance to finally meet you here in Poland and give it to you to sign :) is there any chance? ;)

i just got my copy of the album, 'cause there were some delays in Poland ;/ but I've heard your album earlier on youtube and when I got this CD, I've known all the songs very well already. But it's not the same when you listen to it on the internet and when you hear it from the cd, holding the booklet etc.
Now I would like to share my opinion about it with you :)

LIKE A SHOW INSIDE MY HEAD - I've known this song from last year performance and I wanted to hear it on the album. So great to hear it! I love orchestral influences here :)
SHINE - great lyric and music. One of my favourites and it gives some light into gray days :) thanks for that! It would be a single, think about it
FLOATING - first feeling about this song was "strange track". still it is a bit strange but very original at the same time, perfect for spring picnic on the meadow or in the forest!
LIES - absolutely great! what more can I say? As I wrote you one day, in the video I can see you are very happy and enjoy what happens in your life now! So positively!
INVINCIBLE - slower track, great guitar solo. I like the lyric
HEAR ME - it reminds me a bit Kelly Clarkson songs :) I like it for the guitars and yeah, I can hear you! :D
FALLING - as I said earlier, I love it. it reminds me an old Gathering with Anneke :) a bit gloomy music but full of emotions. I listen to it very often ;)
MOVING AWAY - one of my favourites. lyric and music reminds me my ex - like a cure after hard times and toxic relationship. If you release this track earlier I wouldn't suffer so long :D
ONE MILLION FACES - same feelings as with MOVING AWAY :) I think it's my number one! I love the emotions you put into this song. Amazing but too short for me :( hope to hear it live!
WATCHING ME FROM AFAR - a cool song for the end of the album but somehow it is song I don't listen to too often. Sorry :(

One thing wrong in the album... well, two things... It's too short. I think you should put one or two songs more there! The length of the album and release it as a a Digisleeve doesn't fit the price. The album I think is too expensive for such a short album which is released a bit poor :) But stillI love the album, so great to have it finally in my hands after all this time. It's cool, we have a chance to listen to your songs and you didn't disappear after Nightwish's things! Thanks for that! I hadn't had a chance to meet you in Poland in Cracow but I saw you at Ursynalia Festivals. I have waited for you in your hotel but in the end I didn't meet you. I hope I will have a chance one day!

And of course I want ot wish you all the best! Easter are coming, so enjoy your time with familly and take care!
I will work whole Easter! :(

AlessandraWilderness said...

I wish you a Happy Easter and lots of eggs to you too!!! ahhahah I have two Ester eggs at home waiting to be eaten!!!! but I think I'll receive (and present with) other ones and we'll eat many other sweets...expecially on Easter lunch with my kins :S I think I'll explode...!!! Nice hat anyway ahahahah ;D

Anonymous said...

Wow! I like your easter hat Anette! :-O

Pascal said...

Oh, is that sweet! Thanks Anette :). Happy easter time and lots of eggs also for you and your family!

The news about the musicians you already have is very great. As I already said, I hope I can be at least at one of the two gigs, let´s see about it. But I´ll definitely looking forward to seeing you live, whether at a festival or another gigs later on. Or on both occasions :).
By the way, you know I love your album, I can listen to it again and again and it doesn´t get boring and stays beautiful. Today, I´ll finally write my review of it for the music page I work for voluntarily. Since it´s in german I´ll translate it then into english and post it then into here tomorrow. I hope you´ll like the nice words I have again for it :).

Take good care and have a very nice day! Lots of hugs and love to you! :)

Henk said...

Have a nice weekend too!

Pascal said...

Hej och glad påsk, Anette! :)

I thought I write in this post since it fits better here that I wish you and your family today a really beautiful and blessed easter sunday with lots of joy, love and fun! :). Enjoy the day and I hope you have good weather in Sweden today as we have here in south of Germany!

Sending you hugs, love and happiness :)


Unknown said...

Hi Anette :). I also want to wish you a very happy Eastern, enjoy the holidays. I hope you won't get too stressed.
Right now I'm listening to your album and it really is a nice one, "Shine" is the perfect name for it. It is really positive even in the more sad songs :)