Saturday, December 21, 2013

A video greeting is now to be found in my Official Facebook page


Chris said...

Hey Anette :)

Thank you for this very nice, totally sweet video :)

I´m sure the time will be much more better than it already is ;)

I cant really put words to say how happy iam that your album is just arround the corner!
And yeah. Every day goes by and i discover more details on Falling. What a wonderful christmas gift this really is :)
Thank you os much !

A merry merry Christmas to your and your familiy :)
Take care and enjoy this magical Christmas Time! (Believe me when i say. Your music makes this time even more magical)

Chris :)

Jazmine M said...

Hi Anette! oh my dear you're so lovely. I have to say that I am more fan of you than yesterday... everyday you show us the person behind the artist... I don't find word to describe how you make me feel.. is easier in spanish but you don't understand me haha, I'm very proud of you Nettie!

And, from your single has been released I can't stop listening Falling, I loved the video and the lyric is very deep.. and also I sing with you, we make a duet on the stage of my house.. haha.. Really, I want see you on stage here in Argentina

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year for you and your family! <3

You deserve all the best...
-Love and Hugs! <3

Isa-Nightwish said...

Hi my dear :)

thanks for your sweet words in your video :)

so I have a question for you: after the release of your album, do you think doing concerts? whether you spend in Paris?

Isa ;)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I watched this and... yeah, what can I say, it really touched me... a very nice video, thank you for that! At the moment you always manage to touch my heart... WHY do you want me to have sleepless nights, Anette? :).

No no, it´s so great. I´m so happy Anette, happy to be your fan and to follow you. Even if I haven´t posted on your facebook account so far, I follow and read it, just as your blog here and instagram. And over and over again, I can see what great, fantastic person you are... you have all my respect Anette, forever! Thank you so much for being there... thank you for everything, for being like you are... thank you so much, thank you :).

I wish you a very nice evening and please take always good care of yourself :). See you, Anette!


Laetitianne said...

Hi Anette!

How are you?

So, no post about the new video clip of Within Temptation, Dangerous, feat Howard Jones? ;-) Not their best one.


saskia said...

sorry for not writing you so long butI havent got much time now.
I really looking forward to your new album I really LOVE falling.
I think you have to kn ow that i am a very big fan and will be. your song falli ng really fits to the situation I was into month ago , short before taking a step into a new scene of my life starting having a job etc. well best wishes for your future I ill always be your fan and I really hope your knew album is gonna be great. I hope that I can meet you personally one da and said this things to you . best wishes for your new project, with love.

Anette Olzon said...

Isa; Hi and thanks;=) I so hope to play gigs next year and I sure hope Paris will be on the list as you know I LOVE Paris;=) lots of love!

Anette Olzon said...

To you all; THANKS so much for your kind words! I get so happy receiving all the love from you and I send lots of LOVE back to you;=) Huggies!

Lisa Asil said...

You're so cute :). I'm really looking forward to your album... it's gonna be interesting! If you come to Germany or Switzerland, I'll be standing in the first row :)! I saw you twice with Nightwish and you really do some great perfomances :>

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

That comment is so sweet of you :).But we have to thank YOU for everything. And supporting you with all our hearts and being there for you as you are for us is the least we can do :).

Sleep well dear and please take always good care of yourself :).


Isa-Nightwish said...

ok thanks Anette for your answer I hope to meet you one day in Paris ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish you many successes dear Anette. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014.
A kiss and a big hug from Peru!!!! :)

Niwi said...

Thx for the video!

I'm angry. Really. I just found these news about a girl victim of Justin Bieber's bullying. She kill herself in her bedroom 'cause that motherf*cker called her "beached whale" while she took a sunbath.

I know internet is full of "anti-justin" things. I always ignore that, because I don't like to use my time in things I don't want. But now I really hate that boy, is a stupid egocentric shithead!!

I'm really, really angry.

Here you have the notice:

Take care, Anette.
A big hug.


Anonymous said...

hope to see you live in Poland once again! :)

and one question: as far as your lebel is EarMusic, Tarja also releases by EarMusic. Is there a chance to hear a duet of you? :) maybe on your new album?

will there be samples?
enjoy your sunday

ralu raly said...

Thank You dear Anette about the autograph post well he he - wish you can answer there in your blog spot. but thanks so much sweetie.:*All the best.

ralu raly said...

Thank You dear Anette about the autograph post well he he - wish you can answer there in your blog spot. but thanks so much sweetie.:*All the best.

Fulvio Sanna said...

Hello!Thanks for you lovely video and best wishes for your new album!I' hope it will be distributed in Italy soon...will it be?I really hope so!Merry Christmas to you and to your familiy!:-)Fulvio

Fulvio Sanna said...

Hello!Best wishes for your new album!Will it be distributed in Italy?I really hope so!Merry Christmas to you and to your family..:-)Fulvio

Fulvio Sanna said...

Hello!Best wishes for your new album!Will it be distributed in Italy too?I really hope so...Merry Christmas to you and your family!(without snow...;-)!!

Serafim said...

What a cute video!!! You are the best, dear Anette! =) Thank you SO much! ;-)

Wish you all the best!
With love,