Tuesday, December 01, 2015

1st of December is here

Well hello x-mas times and today we welcome December 1st=) I feel that the time is going a bit to quickly now and as always December brings lots to do to be ready with school work, getting the x-mas gifts and also for me, prepare for my gigs in Israel and Cyprus=)

Today was one of those cosy mornings with all my 3 sons opening the Advent calendar, eating breakfast together and just having a wonderful morning before getting to preschool and school.

Mio found my beanie and I came to the kitchen where he sat happy saying: Mummy and pointing at the beanie. If you didn't know it - my kids are what my life is about and they make me feel so God damn happy every day=)

That´s what life is about! 

Enjoy this day!

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A lição de hoje... said...

Soo sweet!
Any of your children enjoy music or sing?