Tuesday, September 08, 2015

My favorite song at the moment

Ok, my absolute favorite song at the moment is with wonderful LOREEN and her new song


She sings amazing and the flow in it! Love it!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

About the donation, I hope you can help me with this problem:

I just wanted to give my donation, but then I found out that apparently it´s only possible with a credit card and I just don´t have one at the moment. I ordered it when you were in Tähdet Tähdet to vote for you, but then you were out and I didn´t need it anymore and now I just don´t find it. I´m really sad because I honestly want to donate money to you and your foundation.

Could you maybe offer other payment methods, like a common transfer? I also don´t know someone who could borrow me a credit card, it seems they aren´t so common here. Or would it maybe be possible that I transfer the money to where those transfer it when they buy something out of your vintage store and you put it into the fund then? Is there any possibility like that?

I really hope you can offer me another method to send the money, because otherwise I won´t be able to donate until I found my card again or even ordered a new one and I really wish to help you and your foundation as soon as possible. And then maybe also other people without a card can donate.

I hope you have another solution and I wish you a nice evening now :). Lots of hugs and light to you!

Logan said...

This song is amazing, love it.

Unknown said...

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