Monday, October 07, 2013

Yesterdays outfit

Good evening;=)

My running today had to be cancelled due to me having a soar throat and feeling not so well. Better to take it easy and hopefully stop it before it breaks out badly. BUT I hate when I can´t exercise;=( So now I´ve made a nice chocolate cake instead;=)

Yesterday I had this outfit on and actually matched Johan with all black, teared jeans, black jacket but he didn´t have an orange hand bag, haha!

Blazer jacket from Dolce & Gabbana:

Black jeans from Paige:

Bag Gucci:

Boots Whyred:


Unknown said...

Hey Anette! (:

Awww~ I love this outfit on you. It looks so pretty ^.^/

I like it very much ;)

Best wishes,

Unknown said...

I hope you feel soon better with your throat :)))


Unknown said...

Feel better Anette. I like your outfit

linnea-maria said...

Du passar så himla bra i lila hår :)

Anonymous said...

People often get sore throats during this time of year :-) I've also got a little bit of a sore throat though it does not sound as bad as your sore throat Anette :-) I think mine will just vanish hopefully :-) With me it's usually a sign of the start of a cold.

I hope you get better soon Anette!

I've had the most awful start to my week :-) Yesterday whilst at work I was in a lot of pain in my lower left side abdominal area and it got to the point where I couldn't hide it any longer so I was sent down to the A+E department :-) I must of been there for about 4 hours and they sent me on my way with some powerful pain killers :-) The pain I've been having for a few months comes and goes and yesterday was the worst point I've reached with it so far. After visiting my GP this morning I'm been sent for an abdominal ultrasound and also been told to take a couple of days off work. I can feel the pain now as I type :-(

Unknown said...

Get well soon!

You should have given Johan an orange bag haha :-)

The One Who Should Die said...

Sore throat is horrible! Hope that you is better soon! :)
From where did you bought your lovely Dolce & Gabbana blazer jacket? :3

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

you and Johan using black, then a beautiful couple =)
I hope your throat gets better. Drink tea pineapple, it's really good. But hey, if it does not improve in a few days, see your doctor.
Hugs ♥

Karin said...

Great outfit Anette ! Looks really good on you :)
And I hope you will feel better soon.

Tom : I hope you also will be , and feel better soon. Maybe a better day today ? ( kidney stones or something like that ? )



Unknown said...

Hi dearest Anette!

Sorry i havent been on your blog in so long,had some trouble i had to sort out. Love the new hair and ,as always you are a fasion diva!

I saw that Tarja did something with WT. Would you ever consider doing a song featuring another band on your solo album? Cos there is a band called sirens cry from germany who are still relatively new and i think your voice with Katie's would be awesome.

Regards from south africa


Unknown said...

waaaaw you look so pretty :-)black is your colour! (just like blue :-))
I hope that you feel better now, and soar throat is gone :-D

Anonymous said...


Cheers Karin! :-) My pain has been a little bit better as I'm not rushing around after 24 patients and pushing, pulling, and lifting all the time :-) The pain has been with me for the last 5 or 6 months and I think it's going to be a left inguinal hernia as I know what the warning signs feel like from the right one I had operated on 7 years ago :-) If I'm correct then the pain is going to get worse and worse until the hernia breaks through properly and then it will be time for my next operation. I'm dreading it as by that time the pain will be almost on a par with Jesus when he was chastised as this is what I felt with the right hernia 7 years ago :-) I've agreed to phone work on Friday morning to let them know how I'm getting on :-) I'm also hoping for a transfer soon to a different specialty, a clinical area rather than a ward :-) Busy but less physically demanding :-)

Cheers again Karin! :-) Hugs :-)

Unknown said...

I really like that outfit :). I just had to think about how I promised to myself that I would comment more often here and then I always forget it because my studies are going towards its end and I'm always in a rush... but nevertheless, I scroll almost everyday through your blog and I do read everything :)