Monday, October 07, 2013

Monday bloody monday

Hi all!

Photo by Annicka Photography, hair by Linda Lindskog at ROOTS Helsingborg and make up by me

After a weekend mixed with horrible nightmares and lovely meetings with family and friends, coffee in the studio, shopping a lovely leopard coat at Zara, eating chocolate waffles at mum´s place and watching a new episode of White Queen in HBO, it´s time for monday again and as always, mondays are a bit like "a new start";=)

 This week I hope will be full of nice things and to start it up I´ll take a nice long walk in the "warm" autumn weather today. They have said appr. 17 degrees today and that´s just amazing for being October and Sweden;=)

What´s your plans for today?

Lots of love for you and have a wonderful day!


Océane said...

Have a great day and a great week my dear!
The next two weeks wont be that great as I have a shitty planning at work but after that im off to britain to spend 10days there at my familys! :) nice reward!

Lots of hugs and love!

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,
Have a nice day now;) and forget your evil Nightmare:)

All the Best Nalon

MM said...

Hi, Nettan! The photo is, like always, amazing! My plans for today are to celebrate my 16th birthday. ^_^

Betty Blue said...

Sorry to hear about the nightmares! But I´m sure it will get better soon =)
I don´t have plans for today. I will go to work and then return home, maybe tidy up a bit, we´ll see.
I wish you a great monday!

AlessandraWilderness said...

Hi Anette, it's foggy today here where I live in Southern Italy, it was raining a lot yesterday at night...autumn has come..! But, leaving apart the fact that it's too too wet (and the hair gets crazy xD), I like this season because it makes me feel like staying at home watching films, eating autumn food, walking in the rain...and so on...just simple warm moments of life =)
On wednesday the second level of the Swedish course I've been attending at university for a year has started again, a Swedish girl is giving us a hand this time (besides our own teacher) so we can conversate and improve =) and we had a little party/meeting with teachers and other students and some of us, me included, brought typical Swedish sweets and I prepared (experimental) Semlor :D - others brought also Kanelbullar and Lussekatter)...I din't know what to do, then I recalled the Semlor recipe you posted some months ago and I decided to do that!! - I've read they're for Carnival time, isn't it..? anyway... who cares! :P -
My mother and I prepared the buns at home, they tasted good but maybe they should have been softer...we'll try again until the result satisfy us ;)but, mainly, they were very good =) and the people there were very happy!! Thank you for giving me the idea!! :D I love when you post recipes!! :P have a good day, hoping nightmares fly away!! :*** byyyeeee

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
I wish a more wonderful nights this Week !!
Personnaly my Week don't Start really great and I wonder if I am not cracked a rib yesterday ...
God, Another bad Week Start for me !
Today I go to an important appointment for created my Bussiness ... Crossed fingers !
Have a great Day dear :)

eskoplja said...

I saw a picture somewhere where it writes "The shortest horror story=Monday" :)
For me, it starded really nice. Just came back from university. The people are absolutely great. My plans for today? Hm...I will study a bit, download some programs that I need for university and relax.
Thanks for sharing the picture, it's truly awesome. And about your nightmare...some peope say that when you dreamthat someone dies (or death about yourself), you make your life (or other persons) longer ;) I keep that in mindwhen I have dreams like those
Wishing you a lovely day

Ena :*

TheDeadUnicorn said...

Shit,you just make my love for Sweden increase every time you talk about your Country!Here's very rainy,and I can't complain,since it's about as cold as it can get in North Italy.I love autumn,damn righT!I'm super happy to read you've done so much and had such great times this weekend!I'm sorry about the nightmares,though..are they recurrent ones?Are you stressed?Sadly,I have a long history with recurrent bad dreams/nightmares/insomnia/etc.But in not-depressed people,they're usually a sign of stress.Let's hope not!
Have a great day,

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
here in Germany the warm weather is back too. :-)
Well, you are right that mondays are always a bit of a start and for me today it was the start of my life as a student because today was the first day at the university and I am so proud. :-D

Hope you have a nice day as well, sweet Nettie,

Karin said...

Yesterday we had 17 degrees here in southern Finland. Strange , but lovely of course ! It is so beautiful when the leaves are in different colours and sunshine is a kind of yelllow and orange :) Autumn-days can be so beautiful .

God Anette, I had the worst nightmare : a nuclear- bomb war... My mother pulled me in a box with herself , and she had a rubber - blanket which could protect you from radiation. I thought we both were under it, but after the nuclearbomb -" hit" I realized she had given the whole blanket to me... I looked at her , and she was so badly burned....I woke up after that, but with a horrible feeling.

Show us that leopard -jacket :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Well, I don´t have so special plans for today :). Had school out at around 16 o´ clock... yeah, monday is brutal :). Well, a friend of my mum will come to visit, eventually with her son, a friend of mine I don´t see that often, so I hope he´ll be with us :). And we´ll go somewhere for dinner so it´ll be nice for sure :).

I read about your nightmare, that´s terrible. But, it was just a nightmare and won´t come true :). And, as many already said, it contains even a good message as it seems.

I also have very often terrible nightmares. But the scary thing is that mostly not me is the one who dies... I often dream that I kill somebody... should I be scared? :) Well I don´t plan anything like that, no worries :). It´s not necessarily a particular person, often someone who doesn´t exist or at least who I don´t know. For example I dreamt several times that I was fighting in a battle with a sword or something like that :).

Yeah, let´s stop here I don´t want to annoy you with my stupid nightmares :). I wish you a nice, very nice day and see you :).

Take always good care of yourself, please :).


littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,
I totally agree : monday = new start.
And Today I went to my university for two weeks of hard working :-(
Then I'll come back home and I'll be in internship for two months !
I wish you a nice week
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I saw on your Instagram that you had nightmares again. I hope they disappear soon! I've had some crazy and scary dreams lately too, but thankfully they've only been daydreams when I'm bored and have my headphones on. You're always hoping for good daydreams not bad ones, but I've got some issues going on and I just don't know how to escape them. :(

It's been getting colder here too! Autumn is in full swings in the mornings. We have new kittens and my parents put them and mama in our big cage at night that way they're protected and my mom told me this morning that she didn't want to open the door because it was in the 40s. I don't know what that would be there in Sweden. Sorry lol :) I like this weather, but I hate getting out in it in the mornings.

Hope you have a lovely day/evening!

Dalma said...

I guided someone around Budapest who just learns Hungarian. :D It was fun but guess what happened!

Jag måste berätta en historia.
Idag var jag på Margaretaön (den ligger i Budapest) och där var några människor, en familj kanske, som talade med varandra. Jag hörde några ord och jag började misstänka att de är svenskar. Jag fortsatte att lyssna på dem och sen var jag säker att de är svenskar. Jag bestämde mig för att tilltala en av dem på svenska. Så här löd vårt samtal:
- Är du svensk?
- Ja, det är jag.
- Jag älskar Sverige.
- Oh, och har du varit där?
- Nej.
- Men du är ganska bra på svenska.
- Tack!
Nu är jag stolt över mig själv. Är du det? :D