Friday, December 21, 2012

Tea time

Happy friday to you all;=)

I´ve just taken a nice shower and now some nice KUSMI x-mas tea with honey and milk. Had a really bad night with not so much sleep so took a nap in the middle of the day and now my day is starting over again;=)

I have a nice angel calender I got long time ago and it stands in the kitchen and every morning, all year around, I read every days wise words and they lift me up and give me happiness, relief and a knowing that all things always happens for a reason. 
I also belive that Universe works for us and our goals and sometimes things need to happen in others lives before something can happen in yours. Today I got a new miracle my way showing me things are for sure happening now;=) Nice x-mas gift!

And now I want to show you the x-mas decoration I did to stand in the hallway welcoming us every day. I took the x-mas tree branches I bought and put them in a red bucket and filled with water. Then I used steel thread to bind the 3 branches together and then I put these cool black and silver skulls in it and the other nice x-mas decorations I got some days ago. The only problem is that Nemo wants to play with the skulls and therefore they are not always hanging in the tree but are used as balls, tossed around the place=)

 Now tea and then out to get some packages, including my x-mas eve dress! 

Enjoy this day and see you later! And love life;=)


Unknown said...

Hej! Min mor o min boror ska till Köpenhamn i januari. Jag undrar om du har tips på caféer och ställen var man får rock/metalkläder? :) Mvh Micciz

July said...

Hey Anette!

I have to say you have right, many times our goals gives happiness or hope to the others, and that is something magic and mysterious. Sometimes I think that everybody in the world we are united by a invisible tie. And talking of misterious things, what do you think about december 21th? and the "end of the world" ? I personally don't believe in that, the proof is that we are alive! :D

By the way, your skull decorations are very very cool and have your own style and oh yeah, your glasses ( in the other post) are so cute and looks great on you :D

Have a nice afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Your KUSMI x-mas tea with honey and milk sure does sound nice :-) I am a tea drinker :-) I take tea with 2 sugars. And it has to be milky coz the colour of the tea has to be correct :-) I can't stand dark looking tea :-) People I know at work sometimes bring in different styles of tea ( eg peppermint ) and they smell nice though I've not tried them yet. I'm into the idea of drinking coffee and the smell of coffee as you're preparing it is wonderful :-) It's so nice! :-) So every now and then I go through a fad for drinking black coffee. This never lasts though and I always go back to my natural preference for tea :-)

Like you Anette I've also been feeling tired recently. I finished my night shifts on Monday morning 5 day's ago and I'm currently coming to the end of a week's annual leave off work. My body clock was completley reversed. I was awake all night and slepping through the day. So to sort this out I deliberatly stayed up all day yesterday so I could go to bed at midnight last night. It seems to have done the trick :-) Though my workplace have totally ruined my week off as they have phoned me twice this week to see if I could do some extra shifts for them. So consequently I'm doing the late shift tomorrow afternoon for them. And I can't relax properly coz I'm constantly anxious of the phone ringing and it been them :-(

Last night Anette while you were watching Love Actually I accidentally bumped into a tv programme called LapLand. And because LapLand is swedish you came into my mind :-) It was a totally made up story about a big drug dealing family from Liverpool who take their kids on an xmas holiday to LapLand. It looked as though it was all filmed on location and it looked really nice :-) They visit santa's grotto, go dog-sledding, and at the end they even get to see the northern lights. I've now decided that if I ever have kid's LapLand would be a great little xmas holiday :-)

Have you ever been to LapLand or seen the northern lights Anette? ( I'm guessing you might of been to LapLand )

Take care Anette! :-)

Océane said...

Skulls are the best! Glittered skull are even better! Perfect :)
Are you now done with all the gifts?
Tonight i'm going to buy my grandmother gift, a nice Lancaster bag and chanel perfume for my cousin :)
And for my mum i bought her a lashes extensions session.
Now time for some cleaning here :)

Love and Hugs

Meghan H. said...

After a rough night, is so lovely seeing you being so cheery :)

we don't even have X-mas decorations in my house, though one year I'd like to put up a festivous pole haha.

those skulls are awesome, and I can imagine it'd be cute with Nemo playing with them haha :)

take care

Unknown said...

I like your decoration and think it's funny that Nemo likes to play with the skulls. They look very sparkly:)
I'm sorry that u had a bad night. Hopefully you will have a better night tonight.
Enjoy the rest of your day and be happy:)

Micha said...

Hey! Did you survive the apocalypse?

The Skulls are really cool. Far from all the common "happy smiling angels"


I like it

Unknown said...

I love these skulls ! I want them too ;) I see you have a nice time. Wish you & your family merry Xmas Anette ! :*

Unknown said...

Hey Anette!
Sabine and Elize here! We put our comments together because she is at my place now.


So... while Sabine is looking at the screen with me, and giving me no privacy. hehe.
She bought me a bracelet thingy, and we promised each other not to cut ourselves, while having the bracelets. :) Lets hope it'll work.

Lets go back in time. :D
yesterday, we both went to prom. :) it was fun, and well... there weren't lots of people who were still sober around 11 pm. :P

Sabine's forcing me to tell you something, so I will...
there was this guy, I didn't even know, and we were having just some fun, and euhm... well.. *blushblush* we kissed. haha I have actually no idea who that guy is, but hey, I'll never see him again anyway... ;)

While Sabine and I were in the shops, we thought of something; show us your closet. :D with the clothes and everything. (you can leave your underwear out of it, haha)

Okay, I guess that's it...

have a great evening,

Hey Nette!
The bracelets are totally awesome(leather purple, blue, grean and pink) They look verry sweet.. I.. ohyeah

So yesterday we went to prom at my school. It was really funny to see everyone being dressed up. But after a few hours some guys were being realy annoying and pushed Elize against me really hard. So yeah that hurted a lot(because I cutted myself under my feet and I was wearing terrible shoes) My parents say I'm allowd to punch that guy(his name is Rick van Os. Now everybody who reads this comment knows he is an asshole) And around 11.30pm some guy threw a bottle with red bull to my back so I was soaked and started to cry(I have no idea why.. I guess I was just tired) So my dad picked us up and brought us home. So I didn't sleep that well(felt asleep at 4am and woke up 7am) But I still could resist the sissors today! But strange is; I cutted myself 2 day ago and it is still bleeding!(not that much but it still is bleeding) Oh and we were wondering what you are wearing while you sleep.(Nop I'm not drunk, I'm just strange)

Kisses from a sleepy me!

Henk said...

Hi dear Anette!
Your X-mas tree looks really cool! Skulls are just amazing!
It's been a long week and now it's friday!) It's very cold here in Russia, about -22 degrees, but I'll try to force myself to leave the house tomorow and go to see "The Hobbit" at the cinema! I've been waiting it for so long and hope I'll like it!
And here's a nice video for the new single of Lacuna Coil. My favourite their song. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Enjoy your friday! Best wishes from Russia!)

Elmas said...

Those skull decorations look super! :-)

And I'm glad you're getting miracles across your way every day. I hope the Christmastime and the New Year will bring many more.

Have a great weekend!

saskia said...

You look really smart with glasses!! And taking a bath is great especially in winter.
Today my best friend (we are friends since I was 4 years old and she was 6 years old) from my village needs my help. She was very sad because her grandmother died. So I was running to her and stand by her in this situation.
We were sitting and holding hands , or she were lying in my arms. I have never seen here so sad before and it was hard for me to find the right words in this moment. But I had to help her because she always listen when I told her from my problems at school (she go to another school).
What I want to say is that friendship is always give and take. She was there for me in my hardest times and now I am at her side. Even I cant change the situation I want to help her.
I hope you enjoy the coming days!

Betty Blue said...

A skull makes everything look better ^^