Monday, December 10, 2012

Snow snow and snow

Hi all and a happy monday to you;=)

Yesterday we got lots of snow and now its really wintery white outside and its still snowing. It was such a storm yesterday that when we drove to mum´s place for some b-day celebrations for her husband, we could only drive in 40-50 km/h so it took its time to get there. But we had a wonderful time with lots of kids running around and us adults having nice talks in the wintery afternoon;=)

I hope your sunday was wonderful too!

Enjoy this week;=)


Unknown said...

It looks so beautiful!
It never snows here (maybe it helps, SNOW. FALL. Now!) Hahaha

Have a great day, my dear.


MaidenMty said...

Hi Anette!
That picture of the tree with the lights looks very cool! :)

I always wish for a white christmas, but in my country is often sunny :(... but well, I guess is like some people say: "the dark haired wants to be blonde, and the blonde one wants to be browned hair" haha

I hope you feel better now and less tired than last days, have a nice week beginning :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning dear Anette and a happy Monday to you too!
Wow I'm sooo jealous of you having snow everywhere!! Here in Vienna it's quite cold (-4 C° this morning) but snow hasn't reached us yet, unfortunately. I think the whole world changes colour when it snows, everything seems softer, more peaceful and somehow magical... But of course, having this much snow can also be a pain in the a**. ;=)
To get into a more wintery mood I went and got my nails done the way I told you I dreamt about us getting our nails painted with little snowmen on and I think they look really cute! This is what my nails look like:
I hope you have a great day (despite the snow chaos ;=))!
Hugs Sabine

Meghan H. said...

The snow looks really lovely!

Doesn't snow at all where I live, would love to at some point have a white christmas.

Sounds like you all had fun yesterday :)

And I hope I'm not being a pest, but I've done some designs of yourself and Tarja as characters from Batman. So would just like to hear what you think?

Link is below

and take care xo
love from Australia :)

Anonymous said...

I just love snow! Too bad the snow melts here so fast... But I saw it will snow next week :D let's hope for a white Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hello, good Monday to You! Actually, I don't like Monday. Every Monday, I become myself in a "monster" like "troll" or "ogre" (hehehe). And im my country is very very very hot... I WANT SNOW!!

Serafim said...'s so beautiful! =) I wish I had such snow in my hometown now, as it's almost +15 degrees here :-(

Enjoy your day and take care))

Océane said...

I just LOVE snow! It really give a special atmosphere.

The Xmas tree with that lights and snow is lovely =)

Here unfortunately I don't think we'll get any snow, its still really warm in the day, sun is shining and there's a "blue blue sky" =). I really appreciate it but yeah I cant be in a "xmas mood", can't even buy any gifts cause its like xmas is in few months, not 3 weeks! Impossible! ahah.
By the way, whats on your xmas wish list? =) and do you have any resolutions for the year coming ? =)

And look at that photo :

It was in Finland, in feb 2011 in Suomenlinna island. What you can see is the Baltic Sea all frozen. That frozen that we could walk on it, and we actually had a 8 hours walk on it. It's sooooo beautiful =)

Love & many hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette and a happy Monday to you as well! :-)

I don't envy you one single bit for having snow :-) I hate it for practical reason's. Where I am in the UK it snowed a tiny little bit at one point last week but then stopped. So far I've managed to avoid it from properly snowing. And I hope it stays that way...

Enjoy the rest of your day Anette! :-)

Lorelley said...

SNOW, SNOW, SNOW... I Like it=) But we got a lot of snow all november))) and today the real cold winter begin!!! Weather for tomorrow is -35 degrees)))) Greetings from Siberia!

OneOfTheLostOnes said...

Hej Anette!

Min första "fullbokade" vecka med möten angående mitt jobbsökande och så börjar det snöa... väldigt mycket. Ja ja, nu har jag något att skylla på så jag slipper gå på de mötena :D Jag har aldrig gillat snö, det var roligt när man var liten men nu är det bara någonting man stör sig på.
Sen blir familjen sura och trötta och gör en illa till mods. Usch nä.

Ha en bra dag :)


XxBriannaxX said...

Hi and wow the snow is so beautiful!
I wish it would snow more in Oklahoma.
So glad you had a great Sunday,so lets hope today
is just as good for you! :-)

Unknown said...

I so love snow! But none of it here... Some guy at my school stole my phone but I caught it back:D BTW I found my old phone with pictures of the show in holland:D

Haha Well back to my lesson now!


Carol Misokane said...

Hey Nettie, how are you doing? Did you have a rest weekend?=)

Oh my dear God, how I envy you!! It's been two years without seeing the snow, smelling its cold smell, feeling the cold breeze the winter time brings us, how I miss it!! I hate summer time, I have living in Brazil and everytime I see your pics I just want to come back home as soon as possible =( hard is to live away from the home, I hope you never feel something like this from the bottom of my heart.

So, enjoy the week, may the sun rise and you feel recharged this week.
Oh, before I forget, I want more videos from the concerto, alright? xD

Love, Carol

Daria Grishaeva said...

Good evening, Anette:-)
Oh, I realy understand you, here in Moscow we have so much snow! And it's quite cold, -12° now. I like winters with its magic, wonders, Cristmas and so on, but now, when its so dark, cold, without sun, I just feel bad and tired, ecpesialy in the mornings! But as you said "only three months and it will be summer again" :-)
Oh, do you know that your country has the most of internet users in the world?:-) haha, strange question, but well, today I had to write one test and there was a question like "what country has the most of internet users in the world, Japan or Sweden?" I choose Japan, but no, it is Sweden:-) so, now i'll know:-)
Have a nice day, Anette!

Daria Grishaeva said...

Oh my! Where do you live, guy?:-) My only wish now is to have some sun and warm:-) so, maybe you'll come to my place and i'll come to your warm and sunny place? Haha:-)
Have a nice day:-)

Unknown said...

In my country is snow too and very cold! I hope this Christmas will be snowy :) Thanks for these snowy photos!
Have a nice week!

Dark Queen said...

Hej Anette!
I must say that after 3 long days I freed my car from the snow :) I'm really happy for it, because drove my car at my work place. It's more conveninent to go over there by car than by bus.
they said that we'll have snow the next week end again. I like snow, but wehen it comes here is chaos :)
I love the place where I live. We have hot summer and cold witer, so in summer time we go to the beach and in witer we have snow. I must say that I prefer summer. I like to swim in the sea. heheh :)
Have a nice week you too ♥

Betty Blue said...

This. Looks. Awesome!
Here the snow already melts again, it´s so muddy outside but the boys at school still HAVE to throw snowballs. (Dirtballs, to be honest.) Must be in the male genes, this throwing things ;-) I would bet your three men are just the same ^^
My weekend was wonderful indeed, with lots of snow and finally some christmas-feeling, it really starts to get nice here ^^
Have a great evening!
Love, Betty

Karin said...

Yes, I understood from the news you have gotten a kind of a snowchaos over there... And now it is coming to us!
We have a lot of snow here in southern Finland already, and now we are getting some more on thursday, the say.... Hmmm, snow can be nice, but as The Lost Seafarer said , it can really be a pain in the .... When the car is under a pile of snow, when the roads are full of it, and when driving the car get stuck in it .... And the worst when the snow gets icy, and it is really hard to walk normally, and not to slip, and fall. You know Anette what I am talking about ? :)

DreamerGirl131 said...

Hi Anette :)
I really envy your snow, we barely have any here, and I'm sad about it, cause I wanted to go out and take photos of the snow, but this won't happen now :D your pictures are amazing <3 I want to live in Sweden so badly!
I hope you had a good day, I myself didn't have one, but I always hope for a better tomorrow :)
goodnight :)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear. This is so beautiful, I love snow.
In my town doing 25 ° haha come here, you will love the sun =)
See you later
I love you.

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

Hello my dear. This is so beautiful, I love snow.
In my town doing 25 ° haha come here, you will love the sun =)
See you later
I love you.

Unknown said...

It is finally cold. I don't think I'll get any snow though...I shouldn't complain about my weather though bc u have it way colder than me...apparently I'm good at complaining...and being annoying...and rude. People would stay away from me in school bc of that and not be very nice to me and ignore me. I don't care though I pretty much don't talk to people most of the time they r rude and horrible. One of the only people that seem 2 like me is my friend Chelby. She's a good and nice person like u. U and her are some of the only normal people in my opinion...that I know of(don't want to offend anyone)...
Yeah... I guess I'm complaining/venting...this seems like a safe place 2 vent...
Anyway...have a nice evening and I like the pictures:)

Isabella Ahnert said...

Hello Anette ^^
Happy Monday to you too dear!
Thanks Anette, my Sunday was wonderful too :)
Wow, lots of snow is falling :) I love snow.
Kisses ♥

Sophie said...

Hi Anette!

I was wondering: you live in Sweden, so you're used to driving in the snow, but aren't you afraid of slipping (or how do you say that)? I still have summer tires, 'cause in Belgium you just don't get that much snow ;) But sometimes we do, and I'm so scared to drive then! And you just mentioned a snow storm :o respect, really!

Enjoy your evening!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Daria. I live in Brazil, and this country is very hot at November, December, January and February... in these months Brazil is the "antheroon of hell" (hehehe). And where do You live? I believe that You live in Paradise. Hugs to You from the hottest country of the world.

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Rest Calm said...

Hi Anette!)
Yesterday I had a dream...and in this dream I was you, I mead I was in your body:) And I looked in the mirror and made hair, haha))

Unknown said...

Ok...I feel bad about my previous post on this specific page...the one where I talked about complaining...not that I've been like dwelling on it...sorry...I feel bad, like I said too much...have a good day

Unknown said...

I'm jealous... I WANT SNOW TO!!!
Can you send some in Canada (Québec) please? A green christmas is so boring...
And some people still think there is no climate change...

Bonne journée! :)
Have a nice wednesday!