Monday, April 10, 2017

Pyjama style

Hey all!

I have a new fashion crush - pyjama style=) It´s so comfy to wear silky pants and blouses that are like walking around in your pyjama all day. Yesterday I matched my BY MALENE BIRGER blouse with my leather pants from GUCCI and my striped shoes from ZARA going to the studio.

Love the stripes and the fit of the blouse and you can wear the belt as I do here or put it as a bow around the neck, wear it as a head band or more styles.

Hat is from H&M

 And since it´s Easter week I have lovely flowers in the SKULTUNA vase

And I felt after the horrible attack on Sweden and Stockholm last friday that my angel painting and the light that came through on it today was suitable while praying and thinking of the victims and their families. 

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Anonymous said...

Love this outfit, the blouse is amazing (: