Friday, February 13, 2015

And here´s a interview for the coming tv show TÄHDET TÄHDET

Here I talk about my feelings to sing opera, sing in Finnish, dance and so on… a nice and fun interview!



Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

The interview would surely be interesting, but unfortunately I can´t start it. It requires a certain software I have installed then, but it doesn´t wort either. Well, maybe I can get it started later on or I just wait until they put it onto their youtube channel, which I hope they will do.

Nevertheless, today I wish you and Johan a happy, happy valentine´s day :). Enjoy it and may it be filled with lots of fun and love! And hey, in some ways it´s also a „birthday“, because last year on valentine´s day, your song „Lies“ was published :). So another reason to celebrate and I just wish you to have a really wonderful day!

All the best to you and love and hugs!

Unknown said...

Anette ... you are so beautiful !!

Anonymous said...

Anette, even though you know I'm a fan, and that I like you as a person and respect you, I'm wondering if the feeling is mutual.

I don't think you like me Anette or want me in here.

You've lost a fan. A nice one too.


Unknown said...

Tom: I really don't know what you are meaning here but I can't make anyone be my fan if they don't want to. Take good care in life.

Anonymous said...

This is your blog and Instagram Anette and I do respect that. You decide what you post and I also respect that.

I'm sorry Anette but on your Instagram it's the way you've gone out and got another one of those quotes and how you seem to have deliberately picked one with another word relating to idiocy IMMEDIATLY AFTER all I told you at the weekend.

I don't believe you've aimed it at me directly or indirectly as we cleared that up concerning the original one. And I think it's an excellent, wise quote.

I'm sorry but it's the way you've posted something like that SO SOON after all I told you at the weekend that makes me feel uncomfortable been here.

I'm sorry Anette and I say this with respect, but couldn't you have waited a while before posting that. Just to let all that's happened this weekend blow over a bit.

I sincerely hope you can understand this from my point of view.

Take care. Tom

Pascal said...

@ Tom
Ok, sorry, but now the whole thing starts to be childish. I also really don´t understand your problem. Anette told you that what you feared wasn´t true and what do you do now? You accuse her again for not liking you, not wanting you here... this is really not fair and she doesn´t deserve this! Anette has done nothing wrong, so when you leave now and are no fan anymore, for what reason ever, I hope you at least are conscious about the fact that it is NOT her fault! Because she has done nothing against you, nothing. Farewell!

Pascal said...

Ok... Anette, I´m sorry that I had to write a not so happy post now, but this just had to come out. And I´m not so upset about the fact that he is leaving, but more about the way he treats you which is really not nice. I mean, yesterday he had remembered me on that I also weren´t fair one time a few years ago. And I feel sorry for that and I know that I did wrong as I also wrote then yesterday. But I just wonder, he said this about me, but what he is doing now is not better. I mean, you had answered him and told him that everything is alright, and still he behaves so discontent. Anette, please keep in mind that nothing on this is your fault. If it´s his decision to stop following you, then he alone said it and you did nothing wrong at all.

On that occasion, I want to say that I really know that the thing he mentioned from two years ago wasn´t great and a mistake by me. Nowadays I know that, but back then I think I was just younger and more stupid and maybe demanded also too much from you when it comes to answering to comments. But I had learned from it and I really appreciate how you interact with your fans and that we have the possibility to write our comments to you. Nevertheless, I still feel sorry and the thing is, it seemed you weren´t even angry with me, because you let me going on with my comments and I even got really nice answers from you since then :). But I´m not sure if I ever apologised, if not, then I want to do this now. You are really a wonderful person that cares so much about us and I care a lot about you and I promise you that I, whatever happens, will always be there and will never stop following you!

Lots of hugs and love to you and thanks for all the beauty you give :).

Karin said...

I've tried to open this a million times, and now, finally I succeeded! . I don't know what the problem was.. It was really slow though... But, everything ok now!
What a nice interview :) I smiled a lot of times , and yes, what a nice adventure this will be !

Anonymous said...


...what did I tell you about attempting to condescend me?!


If you had followed the logic in what I was saying then you'll realize something is seriously wrong as I'm not being my usual positive self. We can't go around smiling all the time coz that just isn't life. Scratch your arse and, well, you know...

And as for accusing me of been childish, well Pascal, I reckon you could see the logic in what I was saying but you've deliberately bypassed that, and you are the one being very childish here by trying to impress Anette by trying to make me look bad!

Have you ever watched Ferris Beaulers Day Off where he says 'you can't respect someone who kisses your ass. It just doesn't work.' It's very cringeworthy Pascal!

And the only reason you've had the decency to apologise to Anette for your fuck-up, two years late I might add, is because you saw me apologise to her for my fuck-up immediately after I came to my senses. And I've presently got genuinely serious issues in my life that I'm trying to sort out, which are affecting how I see the world, and affected how I saw Anette. Unlike you you Pascal were just some schoolboy who was just speaking through insecurity.

So stop kissing ass, and grow some maturity! And that hole you've got in your head stuff some brains into it lad!

Pascal said...

Hi again, Tom!

Ok, ok... maybe we can calm down a bit, I never wanted to turn this into a fight.

I do know that we can´t smile all the time. Believe me, I had experienced that a lot, but I never thought that this is the point in this discussion which I find sad that it occured. I didn´t want that to turn out like this...

First of all, I´m sorry for the problems you have and I had recognized that something is wrong... that was finally the reason why I wrote the previous comment, but I must admit I haven´t thought that something would be wrong in the way it is. So, I quite understand you being upset and sorry that I obviously made you feel being attacked. That was not my intention, even when I used the world „childish“, it was more or less spontaneous and I know it wasn´t right maybe from me.

But I also think that your way of communicating with me right now is far from being appropriate. I mean, ok, maybe my comment wasn´t fair but I didn´t think of „childish“ (with what I also didn´t even mean YOU as person after all, only the way things developed, to me that´s a difference) as such a hard word. And you now get really insulting and I don´t see the point on this. Was my comment really so bad that it makes you lashing out like this? If so, I can only repeat that it was not my intention.

I find it sad that you really think I wanted to make you look bad and that I only did this to impress Anette with it. No, it wasn´t my intention! What I only did was saying my opinion and I understand that you disliked my comment, but accusing me for those things is just wrong. I know that Anette appreciates her fans and that it´s not necessary to fight for her recognition. And after all, trying to make someone look bad is clearly not my style, never. And well, it might be that I apologised for my mistake years ago because of you bringing it up again (only that we don´t get the next trouble: this is not meant as an accusation, I also said that you were right with pointing that out) , but this doesn´t say that it wasn´t meant honestly, does it? The words I write in here to Anette are honest and I do not try to „kiss ass“.

So again, sorry when I behaved in an inappropriate way, but I hope that there is no more arguing, because I never wanted this and I wouldn´t have expected an answer like that from you. I never had any issue with you in person, Tom and I don´t wish this to come up now. But I also hope you rethink the way you spoke to me and the things you blamed me for, which are not true. I wish you all the best with your problems you mentioned, and I mean it like that, even if you won´t believe me. All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Pascal!

I'm not going to attack you. Though you need to listen VERY carefully.

You can't say that my way of communicating with you was inappropriate or really insulting. This is due to the fact that YOUR way of communicating with/referring to me was inappropriate and very insulting to begin with.

It doesn't matter how you try to dress it up, you were calling me childish which I wasn't been ( you were referring to the post were I announced I was leaving ). With hindsight I overreacted a bit as I've explained to Anette. And childish is a harsh word Pascal, especially if it's the wrong choice of word to describe something.

As well as calling me childish, while you're referring to me when you go on about 'the way he treats you which is really not nice' what you were saying Pascal is that I treat Anette badly or abusively. Therefore Pascal you were calling me an immoral person. Which I'm not.

Just for the record I do not mistreat Anette! I've never been anything but nice to her and so supportive of her too. Anette knows that and so do you Pascal.

Regarding your post from 2 years ago, the reason I brought it up at the time ( earlier this month ) is because you accused me of not being nice to Anette when I initially thought she was mistreating me. So it was in my defence that I reminded you of the time you were in similar shoes 2 years ago when you thought Anette was mistreating you, only I never attempted to condescend you, which I also told you NOT to do that.

And ok, I'm going to accept that you weren't trying to make me look bad to Anette. Though when you speak of me in the ways that you have done, can you really blame me for thinking that? Especially when you add that you're pleased I'm leaving.

Sometimes Pascal, I see Anette has issues with other people in her blog, on her Instagram, maybe her Facebook. Sometimes people don't agree/disapprove of something she's said or done, or sometimes people are just rude to her. And do you know what I do? I STAY OUT OF IT! This is my choice though and you may feel differently Pascal which is absolutely fine, nothing wrong with that. Though if you are going to get involved Pascal you need to THINK VERY CAREFFULLY about what you say, how you say it, and how you go about it. Your first post ( Fri Feb, 13th ) was actually very good. However, your 2nd post regarding all this and you start to slip up. And the 3rd & 4th were disasters.

When you say you've never had an issue with me in person and you don't wish this to come up now, well Pascal, I'm alright with anyone...unless I think you're fucking me about. I'm actually a sensitive poet in disguise and if you ever meet me, even though I'm actually very quiet, after a while you'll find that I'm one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in your entire life.

And as for the remark about kissing ass, that arose from your closing comments 'whatever happens, I'll always be there and will never stop following you'. What you've got to bear in mind Pascal is that this was said by you immediately after you'd got really insulting with me, so that's why I picked up on it. I didn't mean it generally.

So just forget about the remark. I know the words you say to Anette are honest and I can think of much worse ways for young men to speak. Carry on as you are. Forget the remark! Just shake it off as Taylor Swift would say! :-)

Take care!

Dunia Ilusi said...

Hi Anette! I am Venezuela can and write for say I love your songs!! You are so beautiful!
You will always be the best voice in the history of Nightwish and the history the world! Iam very excited! I love you!! My name is José Luis...muy birthday is june 2 but can congrats me Jajajajajaja

Pd: very sorry for my english. Is very nada, sucks really...i wait.understand me... kisses! bye