Sunday, January 11, 2015

I had my whole weekend planned and then...

…friday evening my ear started hurting and BOOM the whole weekend I´ve been having ear pain and finally my ear drum was ruptured and I had to visit the doctor to get antibiotics today. Those damn kids bugs, carrying home small bugs from pre school and giving them to me all the time=) When will these bugs stop coming home to me?=)

Thankfully I am not touring as before so I can be ill and take it easy nowadays. If it had been some years ago I would be in panic:

- My voice! My ears! How will I be able to stand on stage tonight??

The singers every day thing to have to deal with: bacteria phobia and being scared of getting ill all the time.

I wish there were some kind of protection a singer could wear- like a full body spray to use every day that would protect us against ALL bugs ALL the time=) haha! Now when I study to be a nurse, maybe I need to start being a micro biologist who can come up with this??=) Perfect! 

Thats a plan!

Next weekend I have my last exam for this semester before I start all over again in another university. A bit sad to leave my class mates and the school cause I´ve liked them all but the distance and commuting with my kids are not working. So now my school is closer and even if I have to start over again I will try to get them to count some of the points I´ve made already so I don't have to study it all again=)

AND soon I will tell you more about my other plans this year….=)

NOW some TV and resting and tomorrow lots of packages to send to my dear vintage store customers and adding more items soon!

Here´s my new favorites from last week at my INSTAGRAM:

I just love my new thing - spray tanning! Gives me such a nice skin! Does it at Janes skönhet and she uses a natural one which is a sugar composition=)
And my FREDDY wrap jeans! So comfy!! And gives you that booty due to silicon that lifts the butt upwards=) haha!

And my new favourite breakfast! Mix an avocado together with appr. 1 dl of fat free quark and a pinch of vanilla powder (add some honey if you need some sweetness). Then mash fresh raspberries and add to the top. YUM!

Love HATS and my hair from RAPUNZEL of SWEDEN=) 

And last but NOT least: I LOVE to sit by my piano and play and sing=) Will have a piano tuner here asap to fix it=) More videos will be out soon for you=)


Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Until recently I've spent 14 years working in clinical environments ( wards, nursing homes ) and there are bugs & germs flying around everywhere in those places. What I've noticed about myself during the past few years though is that it's tougher for me to catch a cold/flu or other illness. I think this is due to the fact that when you're exposed to something repeatedly over a long period of time then you become hardened to it. I'm not saying that I never become ill though it's more difficult for me to become ill as I think my immune system is hardened to germs/bugs having been exposed constantly for 14 years. To highlight a bit clearer what I'm saying about 3 time during the past month I've felt a bit nausea and felt like I was sickening up for something. Then suddenly it disappears before it develops further. I've not had any colds yet either so far this winter, touch wood.

Coincidentally Anette, I had problems with my ears recently. Back in late November I'd wake up in the mornings and my left ear was in pain and I'd gone very deaf. Then after I'd been up for a while my hearing would return. I went to the doctors and it was found my ears were full of wax. So I was prescribed ear-drops to soften them and two weeks later a nurse syringed them for me. So I'm alright now. And I'm amazed that when I listen to music through headphones that's where I can hear the difference most. It's much clearer than before. I'm genuinely surprised.

When people take antibiotics, like you're presently doing Anette, the mistake most people make is not keeping up with the prescribed dosage. I have to confess that I've done this myself! :-)

Get well soon my favourite lady Viking! :-) Hehe... and keep up with your dosage rate! :-D

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Yes, sometimes unforeseen things happen and mix our plans up. As I already said I wish you to get well soon and hey, this spray you are thinking of would indeed be a good thing for singers. You should work on that after your studies, who knows, maybe more great ideas will come up your mind and you´ll become a great inventor :). But in some ways I think you are that already. Because you make wonderful music that fore sure comes partly from your mind but also, and that´s what one can really feel when listening to your songs, from your heart.

Of course it would be easier when you don´t have to start again with your studies, I keep my fingers crossed that they count what you already achieved :). And more news sound nice too.

I already knew the instagram pictures and they are really nice. The most important thing I find is that you look very happy on them and that makes me happy too :). I remember when you wrote in here that you had lots of negativity the last months and I thought it shall go away, because you don´t deserve this. Seems that things are already getting better and that´s really nice :).

Lots of love and hugs to you!