Friday, July 11, 2014

Today it´s SETH´s Birthday!!!

My dear first-born son Seth is 13 years old today=) Wow!! 13 years has passed SO quickly and its hard to believe my "little baby" is now a teenager=)

And a very handsome, warm-hearted, smart boy who loves children and is polite to everyone. 

My song INVINCIBLE was written for Seth and the longing I had to have him back in my 30s.

My dear Seth - I love you so much and you are such a special boy with the biggest heart I know. Always so kind to your brothers! 

LOVE you to the moon and back 1000 times!



Unknown said...


Hep-Hep Steff said...

happy bday seth :)
anette, your message is really touching and lovely... thanks god for people like you! kisses and love for you and your family <3

lynn0407escapistgirl said...

Hi Anette,
ohhh, please tell him happy birthday. I hope he'll have a really nice day. :-)
You can be proud of your son and of yourself as well because he couldn't be such a wonderful child if you weren't such a great mum.

Many kisses,

Kriszti said...

Aww :) You are a wonderful mom, Anette. Happy birthday Seth! :)

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Seth! May god bless all of you! :D

Lucinda said...

Wow, it's very sad you had to fight for him when he was so young... But apparently it turned out ok, good for you all! Me and my family are currently fighting against the father of our little brother to have custody. He's about to be 15, but still, it's not easy...
Happy birthday Seth ;)

IsaWolfheart said...


And today the baby of my cousine was born! It's a boy named Ethan :)



Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Oh, that´s indeed a reason to celebrate :). HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me to Seth!

I hope he will have a great day with the love from his family and nice presents. Wish you all a very beautiful day! And it´s so sweet what you wrote about him, being warm-hearted and polite is important. And well, with the great example of his mum, it´s no surprise that he has this values :).

And a special congrats to you for getting into university! You can be really proud and I hope you will enjoy your study :).

From tomorrow on, I am on vacation for one week, so I hope I´ll have internet access there that I can look into the blog and instagram from time to time. Otherwise I wish you and your family a really beautiful week and I´m looking forward to when I can comment here again :).

Lots of love and hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Seth! :-)

Unknown said...

happy birthday
congratulations !!
my best wishes for him

Henk said...

Happy Birthday to Seth and all best wishes!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday Seth!! Best wishes..for a wonderful day!

Carol Misokane said...

Wow, he is a man now!! How time flies, but I feel so happy for you and him, specially because he has the second best mother of the world, because the first one is mine haha.
Hold him a lot for me and sing your most beautiful song to him in this special day! And I hope God keep him in His arms and send all the angels of the sky to care and protect him through his life.

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Happy Brithiday Seth. :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to seth =)

Unknown said...

I thought it was you!! Hahaha :D

Happy birthday, Seth!

Unknown said...

HaPpY bIrThDaY to Seth!!!

The One Who Should Die said...

He's soo cute!