Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Hi all,

I hope you all enjoy the summer (or winter where that is now) and are in good spirits;=)

Here in Helsingborg it´s been real summer for a week with high temperatures and that´s nice. We´ve been out by the beach in the late afternoons and I actually like the later hours of the day is the nicest when its hot. Also for Mio, its better with a bit cooler temperatures.

Today I had a meeting here in Helsingborg with my manager Petri, who came passing on his way from Malmö. Nice since we haven´t met in person for a while;=) We had a nice frapino at Espresso House and talked about the autumn and spring and the plans ahead! Fun and soon I´ll tell you all about it;=)

As you know, even if I am not updating so much in here, you can always find me in INSTAGRAM where I post almost every day!

Now enjoy the evening and before I leave you I want to give you a really healthy but yummie recipe that I love to eat before bed time. Banana is said to make you sleepy so a good thing to eat before bed.

Healthy banana split:
Take approximately 1 dl of quark and mix down frozen or fresh raspberries. Peel a banana and slice a banana in two. Melt dark 70% chocolate or any of your choice and pour gently over the bananas. 



Betty Blue said...

Enjoying the summer, certainly not. We had 39° yesterday and my body doesn´t get along well with heat. When I arrived at my boyfriend´s first thing I did was crash on the bed and doze off until my nausea woke me up and forced me to throw up. I hate heat -.- But much better today, we had a nice thunderstorm and now the weather is nice and cool =)
I so much envy you for having a beach nearby... it must also be heaven for the kids! I grew up at the seaside and now that I live far away from it something is missing...
Apropos plans, what about the book you´re writing? Making good progress?
I wish you a very pleasant evening with you beloved ones!

rainy said...

Hi Nettie :)
Great to know everything's okay :)
Beautiful earings by the way :D

I just want to THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for that blog, for your instagram.
And here's why ;)

I'm not really fat or something but when I started studying at the university/ college/ whatever you can call it I met lots of new people, was partying a bit and I have few extra kilos...
And all that time I was totally sad because of that.
I didn't want to do anything.
But I'm reading your blog (and instagram) every day and when I saw that you look so fantastic and you have 3 kids and so on... It was a total motivation for me.
I want to thank you so much for all of that, I started exercising everyday and healthy diet and feel great. It's only a month but I can see a little difference :)
I hope I want give it up :D

Sleep well!

migi said...

Hi dear anette, how are you? Oooh the banana split looks so yummy. I will try this for sure. A short while ago, I sent a mail to you. Did you get it? The "re" is montreux Jazz Festival and a Letter.

Here in switzerland it's very hot too. Every day 30 degrees and more. Time for much <3 ice cream <3 hahaha

I wish you a good night and send you big hugs as always. ;)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

glad to know it
I was happy to see on instagram you are buying clothes for the stage
Autumn, come here now!! haha
take care♥


Gocha960 said...

Hi Anette,
you look beautiful as always :)
I would not want to impose himselfbut I can not looking forward, Then let me ask you a small question: do you send can have an autograph to the address you gave? If you do not, of course, I can wait, I just want to know when I can expect a letter :) (sorry for my englishunfortunately it is not perfect;))
Greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette! :-)

Good to hear from you! :-)

This week I am in high spirits as I'm presently enjoying 1 week of annual leave! :-) Hehehe...I'm loving it as I enjoy pretending that I'm retired and don't have to go back to work next Tuesday! :-D Lol! :-D Later today at 1pm I'm meeting a friend for a pub lunch :-) He is possibly bringing his wife and maybe some more people whom I know but have not seen for a while :-) Apparently my friend and his wife go to the leisure centre every Thursday evening but I'm hoping that the pub lunch will turn into a piss-up that will last through the afternoon and well into the evening! :-) The more people present means that there will be more chance of this possibly happening! :-)

Cheers for the healthy banana split recipe! :-D It sounds very easy to prepare and that photo of it looks delicious! :-) I didn't know that bananas help you to sleep. Also Anette Banana's, and strawberries, have anti-depressant qualities too! :-) That's what we were told at the university a few years ago :-)

I'm pleased to hear that you are enjoying your summer Anette! :-) I really like the sunshine I'm getting over here in my part of England! :-) The heat though is terrible. I'm having to go to bed topless and sleep on top of the covers rather than under them :-D Though if I get my desired piss-up I could well collapse on top of my bed tonight! :-)

Hehehe...with that lovely thought I wish you a great day and bid you goodnight Anette, my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Unknown said...

Where I live is hot as hell too.Now this seems like a perfect dessert for these hot summer days!

Dark Queen said...

Hi Anette :-) I follow you every day on Instagram.
I enjoy this summer a lot. Finally I spent good times with my best friends. She lives 650km from home and now I'm here with her. Very great hollidays :-) Could be it better?
Have a nicw day

Unknown said...

Gocha; Hi! I haven´t sent it yet, I´ll do that today or tomorrow;=) Kind regards,

Océane said...

Please pretty please tell me whats "1 dl" for you. You often write this on your recipes. To me 1 dl is 100ml, so for liquid ingredients... Please help!

And I cant wait for you to tell us whats your futur plans :)

Love & Hugs

AlessandraWilderness said...

Thank you for this easy but delicious recipe!! I'll try it too ^^ Here summer is too hot in these days (about 40 degrees) too much heat has arrived in a blink of an eye...I went to the sea with my boyfriend yesterday in the afternoon, I had a bath and relaxed, now I'm at work again. Some friends of mine are in Sweden in these days, and I'm sad because I don't know when I can be there again :( kisses to you and to the children ^^

July said...

Hey Anette!!

The weather looks really great!! in my country Mexico somedays is sunny and some days are rainy, that makes me mad!!

And well, I have a question for you and for all the blogreaders, When is love? When I can know if is true love or if only is "fascination" or "admiration"? I'm really confused because I like a boy but sometimes I don't want to see him, I'm totally creazy right?

Unknown said...

Oceane; Hi! Yes, that´s correct - 1 dl is the same as 100 ml;=)

Unknown said...

Anette ... how nice to see your face with a happy face! Kisses!