Saturday, January 19, 2013

Todays inspiration

This hair-do will be my inspiration today;=) Love it! 


XxBriannaxX said...

Very cute,I like it. ;-)

Betty Blue said...

Good morning!
Congrats to your sewing, it looks great!
Will you show as a picture of you with this hair-do? I would love to see it on you ;-)
I´m still so tired, been out until midnight yesterday and couldn´t sleep then, and my friends woke me up by sending me one b-day-SMS after the other through the whole night ^^ but I am happy they remembered my birthday, we´ll go out tonight to have some small party and especially to find out who´s joining me and one of my best friends on our trip to Cologne to see Lord of the Lost live, the more we are the cheaper it gets and money´s always short ^^
But whatever, I´m talking too much ^^ Wish you a very great day!
Love, Betty

Gitte said...

Like it! I think you will look out really beautiful with this hair style.
Have a nice day.
big hugs

Océane said...

Oh I had this hairdo many many times last summer! Very easy to do, braids are very nice and very good when its 40degrees outside! :)
Maybe I'll do it today again! :)

Do you have a museum in Sweden like "madame tussaud"? In france we have "le musée Grevin" with our french actors/singers etc etc...

Enjoy the day!
Love and Hugs

Carol Misokane said...

Good morning dear Anette.
First I hope you enjoy the day =)..and then you make this beautiful hair that I loved so much. One day I will learn how to make all those beautiful hairs like you do haha..and I will show you alright?
Here the sun is shining and is so hot, I wish I were in Sweden right now aah, I hate the summer u.U..but that's okay. I hope the sun can shine all day long for you =).

Love, Carol

Rivka Gruber said...

Wow very pretty! Enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

i like it! i think you gonna look great with that hairdo.
have a wonderful saturday. take care

Alina V said...

I had this hair-do not once ;-) As for me it is very stylish and easy hair-do!
Hugs ;-)

littlemimo said...

Hi Anette,

I love this hair-do ! I never did it before, maybe one day...

I just saw your beutiful pant, and that awesome you did a good job !

Yesterday I was in Sweden with my heart and also with the weather... it was so cold with a lot of snow and ice, I had to drive during 460 km and it was horrible ! I hate to drive with this kind of weather, but I'm sure that for you it's normal.

Take care

Nafisat S-G said...

you know Anette, today my inspiration is you, because today's the first time I heard your song Invincible, this is a very beautiful song and a bit sad, but it's bright sadness, I listen to it all day ... I just fell in love with this song and your angelic voice ... thank you for everything